Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time to Take a Little Time

 Lee's Surrender has given itself up to me, and I have made three lovely coverlets.  I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to try this wonderful pattern, and that's what weaving at the Appalachian Art-Craft Center does for us.  We're given space and looms and yarn and fellowship to push ourselves into adventures in fiber we wouldn't have weaving on our own.  It took me a long time to get to this pattern, a long journey to achieve something so daunting.  I remember the first time I saw Lee's Surrender in Marguerite Porter Davison's book, and thought, never in a million years!  But here it is.
  Now, look closely at the second to top row.  Yes, my next challenge is figuring out what caused that error and how to fix it.  The red and blue versions of these coverlets seem to be fine, but the eggplant one has a screaming, big fat error.
  I will get to that, fix it and have it ready in time for the Foothills Craft Show, but first I must go to Richmond.  The 2nd is the 80th birthday of dear Mom, and I mustn't miss that!  I will report back next Sunday on the festivities.
biscotti in a bag
Meanwhile, and up to this point, it's been work, work, work for this woman.  So much work that I must take a break from Tuesday Weavers.  Pat will take over on Bertha, weaving some more coverlets.  I'll be making gift bags and baskets for Tomato Head restaurants to sell, teaching new bakers as our volume increases, making sweet treats for visitors at the Museum of Appalachia, and having one day off a week to feed my inner artist.  I hope to get through some of the projects I have in my loominaria, knit some quick gifts and tend to that dried-up weedy old garden of mine.
Nicole learning to pipe frosting.
  I've also taken over the presidency of our neighborhood association--as if I didn't have enough to do!--and have lined up some fun and exciting speakers.  I have Master Gardeners coming, historical home preservers, local historians and folks interested in cleaning up the creek that runs through our neighborhood.  All that took less time than one Lee's Surrender Coverlet!  And was a lot easier on the hands.
  So, while I'll continue to blog when I can, I will be taking time out from Bertha and my weaving buddies.  I hope to be back after the first of the year, ready for new chaotic weaving adventures.  I wish all my TW buddies, and you, Happy Weaving!

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LA said...

You have been VERY busy! The coverlets have been a delight to see at the Center, and it is really exciting to see it laid out full view! I'll miss seeing you on Tuesdays.