Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Need Room?

  This is how the left side of the Studio looks when we come in on Tuesday morning.

  You can see Carl's loom in the background, and Ann's Rocker loom is partially actually hidden behind the warping mill. 

  See the Pups all lined up down the aisle?  And, there's Bertha on the right...she's six feet wide, you know.

  Now, we've panned to the right of the Studio.  There are more little looms stored in the aisle between the back of Bertha and the front of the looms that Tina and I are working on.  Then, you can see the backs of two more looms.  In that little walkway, there are tubs of partial cones to be used in projects.

  Do you think we could use a larger studio space???????
  There's a building committee looking into expanding the whole Center...maybe we just need to plead our case!!!

  So, we just keep doing what we do best....weaving.
  Carl and Carol spent some time conferring on a project that Carl is weaving on at home.  It's an 8 shaft lace weave, and it's not working the way it should.
   Great minds.................

  Ann got to the Center early to serge the rugs that came off of the Rocker Loom.

The rugs on the right are from the burlap that was hand dyed from natural materials.  Liz stopped by later to choose the one she wanted to keep.

   Pat got right to work on Maggie's coverlet warp. For just a minute, she thought she was doing it wrong, then realized that she was seeing the reversed side.

  We also welcomed a new weaving student, Bonnie.

Table space is limited right now, which means that Teresa has been setting her loom on the counter.  She can see the whole room from there!!!!

And, Karin cut off her latest project from her table loom.

  You might think that today was "Support Your Favorite Project" Day. 
  Cathy is a Tennessee fan.  Marie's shirt says "Keep Calm and Weave On" while Karin's shirt is from SAFF.

  Lanny's shirt proclaims ALABAMA.  Enough said.....

Betsy was hard at work on the back row...it was rather quiet back there today.

And, Shirley and Allan conferred on the slight color difference for the weft on the scarf she's weaving.  Someone is always willing to help out!!!

  Pat's been playing on her loom at home.  (She's also using up her stash of thread!)

  And, Ann shared the throw that she finished weaving for her nephew.  There are a few more of these on the loom.  It is soooooo soft!!!

Yes.....Ann's hair really does swing nicely!!!  Truthfully though, she's just making a quick move to start the new chart for the Foothills Fall Show in November.  She's very good at keeping us organized and on track.  It looks like the mock up for the booth will be next Tuesday.  (Can it already be time to do that????)
  There's nothing like throwing the new weavers right into the middle of it all!
So....do you think the Tuesday Weavers need a larger studio???
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Those rugs Ann did are gorgeous. Which one did Liz take? My loom in back looks lonesome. Miss you guys!

Theresa said...

I'll say you need more room! Get that committee on it, bring up those lovely woven beauties and plead your case! Looks like another WONDERFUL day. Weave on Tuesday weavers, you always brighten my Weds. even if I don't always comment!

Maggie said...

I miss you guys already! But I'm ready to have a day to weave at home. Heck, yes, you need more room. Like three times the space. Who else brings in new students every week? Who else keeps visitors coming down the stairs to see what the ruckus is about? Keep on weaving, TW's!

Two Guys and a Loom said...

You definitely need a larger space, and it needs to be closer to Dayton Ohio, so that I can come play/weave with y'all!!!!!