Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back To Real Life....Sort Of

  Years ago, I had a friend whose father raised peacocks.  She always said they were "brainless."  I'm not so sure I agree with that statement.
  Last Thursday when 26 school bus loads of students invaded the Museum of Appalachia, there was not one peacock to be found until the buses pulled back out of the grounds.  Yesterday, while a school group of kindergarteners and first graders were there, some of the peacocks were on the roof of the blacksmith's shop.

  Later, I got this shot:
  See those red shirts in the distance?  That is some of the school group.  What caught my attention was the peacock on the path staying real low as he hoofed it down the path in front of the loom house.  Maybe they are smarter than we give them credit.

  I walked down to the sheep pen between school groups yesterday....that's where Clover has been staying.  She's a Highland calf that came to live at the Museum this Spring.  She's been hand fed, so she's very calm about visitors.  I think she's a big love bug!

  On my way back, I caught this photo of the Loom House from this approach.  It just nestles in next to the Peter's little home away from home.

  You can see that the trees are finally starting to turn.  One couple I met yesterday has been driving down the east coast catching the peak colors as they go.  I think they got to East Tennessee just in time.  Plus, the Great Smoky Mountains are now back open for business!!!

  I received this picture in an email today.  Back in September, I had a lovely couple come through the Loom House.  Wayne and Tina live in Australia, and they visit the States fairly often.  She's the lady that learned to weave in Taos, New Mexico. 

  Maybe I'll get to see them the next time they come through this area!

  Now, it's back to real life getting ready for my son's wedding and the Foothills Fall Show. 
........Big Deep Breath........
  Never a dull moment!
Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

When the geese are fed, the peacocks all line up along the fence bordering their pen. It's quite a sight to see! Even the babies are so big, it looks ridiculous!

Bonnie said...

The pictures look like a step back in time. Now back to real time for you.