Monday, October 21, 2013

Guild Fair

It's that time again, fall shows. This weekend was the Southern Highland Craft Guild Fall Fair in Asheville NC. We set up on Wednesday and the show ran from Thursday through Sunday. I'm tired! It's a long show but you do get used to it.
I took some pictures at the beginning of the show to let you see what I saw during the 4 days. We're kind of stuck by our booth the whole time so we get to know our neighbors!
 A couple of years ago I sewed a wall piece called Hope. Using pieces of handwoven fabric, the piece came together nicely. This was the first time I took it to a show. It didn't sell so I'll bring it to Foothills Craft Guild show in a few weeks.

That's how my week went!
I hope to get some weaving done this week. I've got an order for a dress plus some projects I want to get done before the next show.
Until next week, keep weaving!!

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LA said...

I really love that wall hanging! I'm surprised it didn't sell this weekend. What a lovely way to use your leftover pieces of handwoven fabric.