Monday, October 7, 2013

Time Crunch

I have pictures of the warps I've been weaving this past week but for some reason my computer doesn't recognize those pictures. They're on the chip and I can see them on the computer but they wouldn't transfer, so no pictures this time.
I've been weaving a really nice warp that's navy and indigo colored. The weft is indigo and is making really nice fabric. Today I'll be assembling those pieces. They've already been preliminarily serged and washed.
On the loom is a black warp with a bit of blue glitz every 4th thread. Yarn Barn had some glitzy yarn on their mill ends mailing months ago and this was part of it. It's weaving up nicely and will make these vests look great. I hope to get it off the loom today and maybe even serged and washed if I get the indigo serged for the last time.
I've got one more warp to put on the loom and then it's just finishing up stuff that's been started. My show isn't until next week but there aren't enough days to do everything that needs to be done!!

Until then, keep weaving!!

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LA said...

You've been very busy on your looms! I'm looking forward to seeing your items at Foothills.