Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Homecoming: Day 1

Here are our feisty Tuesday Weavers....ready for those students to to visit the Peter's Cabin.  (I missed getting a picture of Shirley-she arrived after noon and took Eiko's place.)

  Ms. Ila and LaDonna went over Wednesday afternoon and set up the display, so we were ready to rock.

  Sure comes the buses! 

Everything was in place....vendors and volunteers were ready.  (I had a full cup of coffee to help me through the morning!)

  And, this is how it looked soon after.

They are playing ole-timey games in the fenced area:  sack races, stick ball and relay races to name a few.

  Lots of folks found shady places to put their yard chairs and listen to the music performed on the main stage.

  Marie (who is working Friday) had warped her rigid heddle loom , and Eiko used it inside the cabin.
  I warped the little Inkle loom, and Roz wove with it out on the porch. 
  Pat brought her beautiful drop spindle that she bought in Jordon, and was spinning away on the bench.
  I think you can see that the kids loved watching these activities.

And, yes, I did have another little girl that thought that the Rocker Loom was a sewing machine!

  I'll get more pictures tomorrow.....right now, I'm ready for an adult beverage.
Happy Weaving!!!


Theresa said...

All that fun represents a whole heap of work and planning. I wish I could have been on the bus that's for sure! I just can't figure out how a loom and a sewing machine can be confused, maybe it is the tie in to fiber that causes the confusion. Anyway I love that I know the difference and you all do too, because there is some beautiful weaving that happens at the Tuesday weavers and I would hate to miss it!

Bonnie said...

Looks like there was a big turn out. Hope the weekend is as good.