Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's A GO!

  Set up is tomorrow afternoon.
  Thursday morning the first crew will meet early to get their passes, and the fun begins.
Fall Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia!!!!

  This is the first opportunity for some of our new weavers to sell their handwoven items, and we have lots of stock upstairs in the shop.  Marie and Pat inventoried the items from upstairs that would be going over tomorrow.
  Meanwhile, the weaving continues.....

.....Linda and Betsy were weaving place mats.

Shirley and Eiko were busy on the Pups.

Christy, Roz and Ms. Ila were busy, too!


Judy had some repair work to do on one of her place mats, while the other ladies were working away.

 In fact, Cathy finished weaving her first warp, and cut it off with Carol's instruction!!!

Time to wind another warp!!!!

 And, speaking of second warps, Julia had a wee tangle with her threads!  It does happen sometimes!

Not to worry.....all better now, and ready to wind on the loom!

Carol was kept busy today....we all need her advice and weaving knowledge!  Linda must be planning a new project at home.

  Yes...Carl needed to cut more strips for his latest rug.  Marie helped feed the denim through the cutter.  Cindy is in the background winding the rest of the threads for her next towel warp.

  Betsy has been busy at home with new projects.  On the left is an altar cloth for her church's contemporary service.  On the right is the bag she wove and constructed for folks with walkers.  There are pockets on both sides to hold a cell phone and even a newspaper.

The next time you see Lanny, ask him where he keeps his car key.  Yes....there is a story behind this picture!!!

  I'll leave you with a wee look into Maggie's world.  While we were getting ready for Homecoming at the Museum at the Center, Maggie was getting ready, too.

Just look at all those cakes that she has baked for the Museum.  Weaving had to take a back seat today for her as she baked cakes, cookies, pies and brownies for the next few days. 
  Just another reason to come to Homecoming at the Museum!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Everybody busy at work.