Sunday, October 13, 2013

Making Something to Write About

It's my turn to post for the blog!  The pressure!  What do I write about?  I haven't woven in weeks, not even thrown a shuttle!  Weftie's thrown the shuttle more than I, since he attacked the shuttle on the huck lace warp and broke the thread.  I've walked by that fallen shuttle many times, not even bothering to pick it up.
  So, I'm going to share what I have been doing.  It's fall, and I love fall here in east Tennessee.  So, even though I've been getting up at 2:15 every morning to be at work by 4:00, Bella and I have been trekking around Knoxville.  I wish I'd taken a picture of her at Ijams, her first real outdoor hike without sidewalks, but I forgot my phone in the car.  Today, we discovered the greenway between Tyson Park and UT gardens.  UT gardens was our Thursday hike, a beautiful sunny day to see what was new in the gardens, and how different they looked from early in the summer.  Today's was not a particularly nice greenway, until it gets to the gardens, but we've explored it.  We can check it off our bucket list.  Do we have a bucket list, Bella?

  And I've been working.  I was asked twice last week, once by each employer, if I could make an apple stack cake.  I've been asked to make this particular thing many, many times since moving to east Tennessee, and have always been told that my efforts, "ain't like my granny makes."  Well, I ain't nobody's granny, and when my boss at the bakery gave me a recipe to follow, I did my best.  She'd made a ton of apple butter the week before that was really delicious, so instead of using rehydrated dried apples, as tradition dictates, I used her apple butter.  I thought it was okay, but I think it could be much better.  It's too dry, for starters.  It needs a lot more apple butter, and I think it would soak in better if the cakes were hot out of the oven.  I'll try it again next week and report back.
  Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying my first day off in two weeks, while weaving with my friends on Tuesday.  Until then, Happy Weaving!


LA said...

I'm so glad you and Bella are taking some time to hike together. We've had some lovely afternoons! Why don't you bring me one of those stack cakes? I'll taste-test it for you.

Maggie said...

That's very kind of you! No one ever offers!