Monday, October 14, 2013

What a Weekend!!

The Tuesday Weavers had a booth at the Museum of Appalachia's Homecoming this past weekend. LaDonna and Ila were in charge of setting up the booth with help from Christy and Eiko. I think they did a wonderful job!!
We were assigned the inside of a cabin. The cabins here at the museum were homes that have been moved onto the site and decorated as they had been years ago. Our cabin actually had two rooms. The other room had a spinner demonstrating in it. Her room was the kitchen with a table and chairs, dishes, etc in it. Our room was the bedroom.  I didn't take a picture of the fireplace but it was nice and big! This year we didn't need to have a fire in the morning. It was warm enough. I know that last year we did have a fire to break the chill of the morning.
So we set up using the furniture in the room as part of the props.
 We had scarves, towels, placemats...
 LaDonna used old antique quilts to help cover our tables.
 The bed was typical of that style with a trundle bed underneath and you can see the ropes on the side of the trundle bed that works as support for the mattress.A good place to drape rugs as well.
 There was a lady that came by the cabin whose great grandmother had lived in it and whose picture was on the wall. She remembered as a child of 5 or 6 coming to the house but not allowed inside. They had to play outside because they were too rowdy for the grandmother so she had no memory of what it looked like inside.  It's always interesting to be in there because it's not just our products that people see, but also the cabin and what it represented.
The show was 4 days long and each day we had 3 or 4 of our Tuesday Weavers there taking care of the booth. It was well worth the work and everyone met alot of nice people. Also, LouAnn demonstrates weaving in the loom house which is right next door to the cabin we were in. I'm surprised she could talk by the end of yesterday. She always had alot of people wondering how that machine worked. She's good at telling them all about it!

So, what else happened this weekend? We went to a wedding. It was on Friday over in Sparta, about 2 hours from Knoxville. We got there early. It was at a relative's property up on a bluff overlooking the valley. What a view, right?! A very peaceful, beautiful place to start a couple's life together.
 Grandpa walked the bride across the grass to the service.

 So, the ringbearers.....nephews of the bride. They'd been given detailed instructions....each was to carry a box holding the ring and one was given to the maid of honor and the other to the best man. They were really clear on that. What wasn't clear, was what to do after they gave the boxes to the correct person. So, I was standing in the back watching them head down the aisle. Seconds later.....they came tearing back up the aisle, running like they were being chased by a bear!! They weren't idiots. They didn't want to be there with those adults!! So they spent the time of the ceremony on the swing and here, sitting on the box.
Weddings are made of memories like this, the fun, crazy stuff that unexpectedly happens during all the planned things that turn out just right!!
 Here's to Biskie and Josh as they are married.
After a busy weekend like this, it's nice to get back to working on my production. I've got all my weaving done. Now I have to just finish all the handwork on my pieces and get ready to set up my booth on Wednesday over in Asheville for that show. It's going to be another busy week without much time to relax but today I'll have time to sit and do handwork for awhile, multitasking....relaxing and working at the same time!!
So, until next week, keep weaving....Tuesday Weavers, we need more handtowels for the show in November.....and on it goes.


LA said...

The wedding looks beautiful! What a great location, and the weather this weekend was fantastic! It was lively at the Museum this weekend, and the music was an added bonus.

Theresa said...

Wow what a busy weekend for everyone! The cabin looked fantastic, just right I'd say. The happy couple, well, they look beautiful together. To a long happy marriage!

Bonnie said...

A busy weekend and a busy week ahead. Have a great show.