Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tying, Twisting and Celebrating

 As LouAnn reported yesterday, Bertha got a new front apron to replace her tired, bedraggled, duct-taped apron that's probably as old as she is, guesstimated at 40-something years old.  Her old apron was stapled on, but this one came with tiny tacks, so that's what I used.  It smells good, too, like a fabric store!
  After that was attached, I tied on about 2/3 of the warp ends.  My mind always become numb by 2:00 p.m. every day, and I needed a nap, so that's where I left it.  Next week, the rest will be tied on and the first shuttle will be thrown.  Can you stand the suspense?

Well, you'll have to.  In the meantime, there's a lot of work to do at home.  I twisted fringe this morning, with my new fringe twister.  I got two ends done to the Log Cabin scarves, but then, I ran up against this mess on the right.  Please don't scream.  It is ugly, but will be untangled soon!  Just not today.

 It hasn't all been fibery goodness today, though I did spend almost the entire afternoon knitting on the hot pink rayon sweater I showed you last week.  Pat gave me a pepper ristra, and I hung it on the chimney in the kitchen.  I love the way it looks!  It makes me think of the southwest, for which I get a teeny bit homesick once in a while, particularly when Spring refuses to show its cowardly face.  Where the heck is it, anyway?  In Palm Springs?  Still in the Southern Hemisphere?  Does it know how much we love it and miss it and want it to warm us up?

 And now, let's all send a big Happy Birthday wish to my favorite marmalade tabby!  Leo will turn 12 on Saturday.  He'll celebrate by sharing a can of tuna with his buddies, and lounging around the house, as only he can do.  Happy Birthday, Aldo Leopold Davidson!
  And to my two-legged fibery friends, Happy


Tina J said...

Yay, Bertha is almost ready to go! It is so good to get to that point isn't it!
Happy birthday Leo! You and my Toni are the same age, I did not know that!

LA said...

Happy Birthday, Leo!!! You are a great feline friend! I hate it when the chenille decides to get too friendly...everything comes to a crashing halt, and all my patience has to be found. That's a puzzle for another afternoon!!!! Can't wait to see Bertha in action!

Bonnie said...

I was looking at the picture of the scarf with the fringe, at first glance I thought it a red hat with dread locks. Yeah, almost ready to weave on Bertha.

Theresa said...

Birthday wishes for Leo! So nice to have your full name and what a cat of substance and style you are. Go Bertha Go!