Friday, March 1, 2013

Mobile Homes?

For the last month or so, it is not unusual to be driving down the road and come across a home moving down the street.  Not a double wide, or even a regular mobile home, no, not at all!  It is your common ordinary home, though minus the basement.  To say the least it is a show stopper, and  I mean that literally!  Traffic is at a standstill as the home makes it way to it's new destination!

A nearby town is the source of all these houses.  There is some revitalization going on along one of the  roads that goes straight through town.  They are tearing down a couple of old ugly motels, along with a couple of other businesses.  A church will be relocated further down the road, but there were these small houses, in a neighborhood that had seen better days.  Someone has bought all of these houses and is offering them for sale, it may be the house moving company for all I know.  Anyway, like I said they are slowly moving them to new locations.

First they prop them up on stilts, and tear down the old foundation.  They are so funny to see, it looks like they are ladies holding up their skirts.  I suppose they may be waiting for a sale to go thru.

Once they know where they are going, they somehow manage to slide them onto a flatbed truck and off they go.  I have yet to actually see the event, but I would love to!

On my way home one day with the grandkids in tow, we noticed some digging going on up on a hillside.  Sure enough, as I was returning to town the next afternoon, they were moving a house up the incline.  Again. I wish I could have stayed to watch it happen, but alas, I was on a tight schedule!

By the time I was heading home later that afternoon, there was not one, but two houses on the hillside! They are like mushrooms!  It is amazing to see a house appear almost by magic where there was once an empty space!   I have also seen one of these houses replace one that had been burned out last summer.   I have no idea how they got that house from the street down onto that lot!

There is another house that I pass everyday, not one of those fortunate ones, it had been abandoned years ago,  left to go back to nature, as it were.  It makes me so sad to see that house.  Where there was once a lively home life, now there is nothing but a roof falling in, and critters wandering in and out.  Where the sound of laughter may once have been heard, now nothing but birds singing!

I am so happy that the first houses have a chance to have love make them a home again, and have laughter once again fill those rooms.  As a weaver, I often feel like I take the worlds cast offs, like old bedspreads, jeans long outgrown, t-shirts that nobody wants and yes, even old sheets, and give them a new lease on life as something new,  sometimes even better than what they had been before!

 I do make woven articles like my bread cloths and baby blankets, out of new yarn, but the rugs and even  the hand towels and napkins are made out of things that were cast off from others, (in the case of the hand towels and napkins, I inherited those long warps)

This week, I haven't had a chance to do much weaving at all, but I thought you might be just as intrigued with these amazing houses as I am.  Hopefully next week, I can get some quality time with the looms!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I wonder if they move the houses at night...I've yet to see one going down the street! But, it is nice to think of them as being recycled. Your looms will wait...mine do.

Bonnie said...

How wonderful to think the house has a second chance for a loving family to be happy.