Monday, March 25, 2013

More Snow!

Last week I had trouble posting some of the pictures so hoped to get them to work this time. Well, here's the one picture. We drove down by the river. It's a road everyone drives on that lives in that area. You can see how snow covered the road was. I'm sure it still is. They don't seem to clear roads as quickly as we'd think they do. In fact, I think they only cleared a couple of the main roads. The rest will get packed down and eventually melt...
 My Mother emails me every day. I caught her at the computer, reading my blog from last Monday. She always likes to check what I'm up to. Some of the pictures I post are for her benefit! Mom may be 89 but her spirit is much younger. It's just her body that's wearing out!

After the snow last weekend, we woke this week to more snow. It snowed about 24 hours worth. Alot of it was finer but lots of it. None of it was the nice big flakes we think of when we think snow. It came down! I took this picture before it quit yet. In fact, after they cleared the sidewalk, we got another couple of inches but they'll get packed down!
 My niece and her husband were coming for dinner so they got the pleasure of clearing the sidewalk. When there's too much snow in the back, we bring Mom down the front steps to the car to get her to dialysis. We had to do that this time so having them clear it so nicely was awesome! I'm a little rusty on the snow clearing process!! They widened the bit by the road so that we could walk next to Mom with her walker to get her to the car.
 Another job they did was clear off the deck upstairs. The snow just sits there. There was about 3 feet of snow up there and we were getting a bit worried about that much snow, the weight, and what would happen when it melted if there was a crack in the roof. It's above part of the house. So there were 3 of them that shoveled it up and over the side of the railing to the side of the house. Alot of it had iced up so there were big chunks of ice that they lifted up and over. That just moves the snow. The side of the house now has about 5 feet of snow next to the house.
 All the snow around the house has to be moved next. Apparently it's going to be a bit warmer, maybe even above freezing on Friday. That's the day, hopefully, that, again, shovels will come out and all the snow around the house will be moved to the front lawn area to melt. That is a bit  lower than the house so any water would run off to the road and down the hill. If my sister leaves the snow next to the house, as it melt it's going to run in the path of least resistance which means that some could get into the basement. That's not good. So, another job of winter!!

What have my sister and I been doing the past week or so? She's pulled out a bunch of her fabrics and we're figuring out quilt projects, finding backings for some quilt tops and just having fun fooling with it all. Once I'm gone, she's going to have enough to keep her busy for a few months!!
The forecast here is for better weather, sunny days but still cold, below freezing until after I leave. That's ok, as long as it's not snowing!!
The snow, on the other hand, is apparently heading for Knoxville. You're not going to be as cold down there but you'll get some of that white stuff! Hopefully the roads are warm enough not to freeze!
Didn't they say that spring was here? I'm wondering where at this point!!
I'm not weaving but getting some handwork projects worked on. They're slow but fun to do. I'll post pictures one of these weeks of what I've done.
Until next week, stay warm and keep working on your projects!


LA said...

Yes, we've had flurries here all morning! But, it doesn't seem to be sticking! By the time you get back, it will just be a memory. Have fun!

Tina J said...

Blustery winds and snow flurries! That must be the March lion! Your mom looks great, hug her for us, will you?

Bonnie said...

Caught your mom on the computer. She does look good. Tell her I said hello.