Friday, March 22, 2013

Hills, Valleys and Shopping!

Last week, I mentioned that I was going to need more light to weave the last Baby Blanket in color Daffodil.  I went in search of one of my portable lights that attach with clips.  I  have spent the morning moving the light here and there, trying to find the best place to put it.  I started by putting it above the weaving, I could see the weaving better, but it didn't help me see the pattern better.  I then moved it to the left side, and the right side, but the light got in the way of my shuttle.

I then tried placing the light to my right and a little behind.  That was the ticket!  It wasn't just the increased light I needed, I needed the light in just the right angle to cause a shadow to fall across the surface of my weaving so that I could see the pattern developing!

I started the day with the tape measure reading 24 inches.  I wove until it was at 42 inches, then I took a break to run some errands.

I have recently received a couple of gift certificates to local yarn stores.  This week, I took the opportunity to redeem them!  At  the Yarn Haven in Knoxville, TN, I purchased a couple of tips for my Knit Picks cables, size 8.

I also purchased this lovely lace weight yarn from Juniper Moon.  It is 50/50 merino and silk, the color is dove.  It is 798 yds of scrumptiousness per skein.  I got 2 of them, and I am going to knit the Whisper Wrap, a free download from Ravelry.

Lace weight yarn project, size 3 needles, a pattern that is mostly stockinette!  I cast on the 481 stitches a couple of days ago, and I work on it most evenings.  It takes me about 20 minutes to knit one row!  It is delightful!  (I think I must be a process knitter!)

Then, today, I went to the Clinch River Yarn shop in Clinton, TN.  I found some new size 3 circulars that were 32 inches in length from Hiya Hiya, I bought 2 pairs, one for the wrap mentioned above and the second pair for another wrap I want to knit at the same time, using the yarn I bought today.

 I found a couple of balls of Jagger Spun, wool and silk again!  It is beauteous!  I am going to use a different pattern as a basis for this next wrap, but again it will be lace weight yarn on size 3 needles.  Clearly I am in for a couple of long knits!

I had just enough left on the gift certificate to pick up the cutest little pair of yarn scissors you ever saw, they are called  Kitty Snips, by Hiya Hiya,  they also have Puppy Snips.  They are TSA approved so you can take them anywhere!

That is about it for me today,

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

A trip to Clinch River Yarn Shop is always a treat! So many lovely yarns to touch. Sounds like you have some knitting to do on these chilly evenings.

Theresa said...

What fun! And those little scissors, I'm getting me a pair or two.

Maggie said...

Lovely yarn! Have you tried the Hiya Hiya squared needles? They're super comfortable! And I too love those scissors!