Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not Just Fair Weather Weavers

We were the few....
the brave......
Wait a minute....Lanny is our Marine.  The rest of us are just "Weavers."
  Like most of the eastern USA, Spring has decided to go on break.  This is our second day of cold, windy snow flurries.  The temps last night dipped down to freezing, but that didn't keep everyone home...oh no!
    We went right to work!
Tina is so close to finishing up the bouts for the towel warp...just a few more, and that warp will be ready to thread.  What do you think about a 12 shaft turned twill pattern?????

  Maggie brought her fabric to strip for rugs.  Pat helped out by winding the fabric as they caught up on all their news.

   You can see Tina's newest overshot throw on the table. 

  Marie and I helped Carl wind on the rug warp on the barn loom, then Carl was ready to tie it to the front bar.
  This is the REweave project.  The first rug has been raveled and wound up.....and that's where Carl started this morning.

  Ms. Ila got right to work on her newest scarf project.  You can see the detail on the right.


  After helping Carl, Marie went back to work on her warp....this time she's weaving a runner to go with the red mats.  Betsy had a chance to ask lots of weaving questions, since we had a smaller group today.


Ta-da!!!  All finished....and doesn't it look wonderful!  The new apron for Bertha came yesterday....just in time to go to weaving!  Maggie and Lanny got it tapped into place, and Maggie tied on the bar.  I guess that means she'll tie on the warp next week.  YEAH!!!!!

All in all, it was a very productive day!  I'm just hoping that next Tuesday will be a wee bit warmer and dryer!

Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

Missed you guys!! See you next Tuesday!!

Bonnie said...

Glad that you guys stayed warm. Hope to be able to join you next week.

Theresa said...

Usually I am complaining about spring snow. Who knew it would be the eastern side of the country getting slammed this year. I don't know, maybe you should adopt the Postman's creed. ;)