Friday, March 15, 2013

The Same but Different

I finally got the "Cat Tracks and Snail Trails"  Overshot pattern on my old counterbalance rethreaded using the miniature threading found in the Recipe Book by M M Atwater.  I had to rethread several times because of user error!  Finally however, it was done, and I set to work on the Tulip blanket you see in the photo on the left.  The only trouble was that instead of the beloved pattern showing up, I got gobbledegook!  You know like when you try to open a document with the wrong program!

I slowly went thru the treadles and realized that while this pattern is the same as the one I did before, it is quite different!  I thought well, I will just have to retie the treadles to match the treadling on my previous threading.  But, when I went below to work my magic, I found that this loom is a one trick pony!  There is only one way she can be tied up, unless of course you want to get out the power tools, and I was in no mood to do that!

 I then set to figure out how to treadle this threading in order to get the design that I wanted!  Actually, it turns out that my treadle 3 and 6 were switched, so I tentatively went to work, treadle by treadle, and do you know that by the 3 repeat my feet had learned their new dance!  Every once in awhile I will have to concentrate really hard, especially when I come back to it after a rest, but really it is as if I had never treadled that other pattern at all!

I have finished the blanket in Tulip, and now on the the next one in this order, it is in Daffodil!  I love these spring colors, they are so appropriate for this time of year.

The Tulip blanket was very easy to weave, in that it was easy to quickly spot your mistakes.  This Daffodil is going to be a much harder to weave on that account, it is almost tone on tone.

I had to get the light just right to  get the pattern to show up at all!  I think I will need to pull in some extra lighting, or this may prove to be a long weave!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I just LOVE snail trail!!! Did you switch looms for blankets? The pale yellow does look great in that pattern.

Maggie said...

It looks promising!

Theresa said...

The pale yellow may not show well in photos but I think it will be subtle and stunning. I love those kinds of weaves actually, almost white on white but not quite...

Bonnie said...

The blankets are beautiful.