Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catch Up!

 Someone asked me yesterday if I weave for hours a day.  I had to laugh!  But when I thought about it this morning as I wove, I realized that I do manage about an hour a day of some kind of fiber work.  This morning, I worked on the next Lee's Surrender border scarf.  On the left is the beginning, where I made the blooming leaf design in taupe chenille, then switched to taupe rayon.  On the right is the taupe rayon, in the center units.  I like it.  It's soft because the black warp and tabby is the black chenille, and the taupe rayon will be drapey.  Looks like I have some selvedge issues...

 I brought this shawl in for show and tell yesterday, but I know Bonnie will want to see it finished!  Here it is, Bonnie!  I will pack it up this week to go to Oakland, where I'm told it's always cold and gray.  Hope this will warm dear Dana up!  I love it, but I was so excited to have it finished.  Remember, I started it at the end of the Olympics, so it's been my constant companion for quite some time.

 I was giddy to start a new project, but when I went to look for new yarn, I found an unfinished project that wants my attention.  It's a sweater made of rayon yarn with a neat ribbon yarn for the hem.  The style will be similar to a Chanel jacket, with the heavy bands for hem, cuffs and collar.  The picture doesn't show how festive the ribbon yarn is.  It looks like a garden.  Choosing buttons will be difficult, I think...  Anyway, it's knitting up fast, and I should have it done by the time the temperature is too high to wear it.

And then there's this weird cotton yarn Mom gave me when I visited in January.  I've re-knitted this scarf at least five times, trying to make it long enough, and I'm over it!  I will plow through the rest of the yarn, and when I'm done, it's done!
It's chilly and blustery this afternoon, just right for curling up with a good DVD and a knitting project.  Stay out of drafts, and Happy Weaving!


LA said...

Everyone needs their daily fiber!!!! I think that's a plan...and it keeps us balanced!

Tina J said...

An hour a day is good I think! You use your time well!

Bonnie said...

The red shawl is beautiful. I love it. Sorry I missed seeing it Tuesday. That pink sweater will look great on you.