Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still Workin' On It

I spent the weekend entering data on my spreadsheet for taxes....boring!  I made my appointment for next week to see the accountant, so I have seven days to finish getting it all together.  Sometimes it helps to have a deadline!

  Of course I couldn't stay away from my fiber projects too long, and getting this finished seem like a worthy endeavor.  I had a little help!
  This is the table runner for my daughter, and all I lacked was twisting the fringes.  Of course, Cece jumped up to help weight it down.  My daughter's cat, Elle, is Cece's doppelganger.  So, any cat hair that remains can be blamed on her!  (This is Davison's Italian Diamonds.)  M is on spring break this week, and we spent the day together yesterday.  We got some canna bulbs for her front flower bed, and got them in the ground.  And, Elle jumped up on the table runner the minute it was put on the table!  I'm sure that cat hair does belong to her!

The Tuesday Weavers have been great about bringing in yarn for our Straw Loom kits.  I've been trying to get a few made a day....I won't get burned out on them doing them this way. 
  Since Spring has decided to hold off on arriving here in East Tennessee, I'll be able to finish up those pesky numbers for my spreadsheet.  Would you believe they are actually calling for snow flurries the next few nights???? 

  So, back to the business at hand....and maybe a little fiber break later in the day.  That's my so that I can play!  Sounds like a plan to me!
Happy Spring Weaving!


Tina J said...

It such a relief to get that job done isn't it! Keep plugging away at it! I love the runner you did for M, and that it was met with feline approval once it made it's way home!!

Bonnie said...

A great time manager. Getting it all done. Even getting some enjoyment in during the process.

Maggie said...

I got my very own fringe twister yesterday, so we were simultaneously twisting. We should put on some '60's music and twist the night away!
Do you think cat hair increases the weight and warmth of our fiber projects?

Theresa said...

I agree, deadlines work for me pretty well and it's always great to get an odious chore done and out of the way. As to hair, everything here whether woven, sewn or bought is initiated into the fold by someone!