Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Au Revoir, Nancy!

 Weft truly is a child of the loominaria.  He can usually be found on a loom or loom stool, and failing that, he will be inside a tub of yarn, cozied down among the fibers.  This morning, there was a small square of sunshine on the Colonial's warp.  I'm not using it, so he might as well!

I tried to weave a tapestry of the poppies in the water color I made last week, but it proved too complicated.  It was going to have to be woven on its side, and I just wasn't up to the task.  I tried another water color, but got stuck on the technique of it, too.  I like it, so far, but should have painted the garage first, before the flowers.  I'll carry on, but I can see this one will be too complicated to be a tapestry, too.  I'll have to settle for a nice watercolor!

I decided to plunge ahead, after unweaving the poppies, into another tapestry, this one without a painting or cartoon.  Some of the techniques I learned from Tommye Scanlin are coming back, and some of it I'm just winging!  It's supposed to be ART, right?  I think I will simply  have to disregard the rules I don't remember.  The world will not tilt on its axis, I don't think.
A few weeks ago, a friend asked me if I had any looms for sale.  I thought about it a minute, and realized that I hadn't used Nancy, or woven on her double weave sampler in probably over a year.  Yes, I said, I do!  That deal fell through, but I kept thinking that it was a good idea to make more room in the loominaria and get rid of a loom I don't use.  A student from one of LouAnn's weekend classes is coming by tomorrow to look her over.  I just need to get all the cat hair off the loom because the poor woman is allergic to cats.  That is sad, indeed!
  So, say Au Revoir to Nancy and hello to all the possibilities, for the purchaser and for me!  Happy Weaving!  Maggie


LA said...

I LOVE it when a plan comes together! You need space and she needs a loom! (Weftie will be just fine on one of the other looms!) Have fun with your tapestry.

Tina J said...

A loom gets a new chance with a new weaver! Awesome!

Theresa said...

LOL, I bet you fill up that free space in the blink of an eye!

Roxie said...

Weftie is adorable. I've been mostly lurking lately, but a kitty will always draw out my comments. You folks are so wonderful!