Monday, March 4, 2013

Dye Day

Every so often, at the center, we plan a dye day. We used to try to do it on Tuesday when we were all there, but because we have so much going on with table looms and weaving on the floor looms, it became obvious that we would have to add a day to dye. The best day turned out to be Thursdays. This past Thursday was dye day!!
We got there by 9am and ended up with 7 tables in our space. That doesn't leave alot of room for walking!! LaDonna started off with a good lecture about the process since we had several newbies among us. This time, she mixed up a few cups of dye but then everyone else pitched in during the day to make what was needed, as needed.
We were dyeing warps and skeins of mostly bamboo for weaving at the center. We like to have scarves and shawls for the shows we do in fall. Also, some of us had wound projects with our own yarns and wanted to dye them as well.
It was a busy day! I stopped at one point to take a few pictures. You'd almost have to have someone just take pictures to catch all the warps that were being painted.
Eiko's going to weave this scarf warp. I wonder what color she'll use for weft? They painted some skeins too for weft.
 Eiko hadn't done this with us before but neither had Linda and Roz. The two of them painted this long warp. I love this picture because of the intensity of planning and thinking that was going on as they worked on it. I wish I'd taken a picture of it after the rest of it had been done but by then I was busy working on my own project.
 LaDonna's a good teacher, instructing as she worked on her pieces. I always learn something when we have dye day!!
 Christy is so meticulous when she dyes. She cut garbage bags into pieces to lay down, then covered with newspaper and topped it with her warp, which she spread out and painted in sections. She rolled the warp as she went and untangled more warp to paint. This is going to be an awesome scarf!!
Notice how the color choices people make reflects their color preferences.
 Ok, here's one of my warps. Wound in 3 sections, I painted the outside parts similarly but the middle section is difference. It's not supposed to be identical anywhere but sort of work as the colors blend and change.
Notice some of the tables are higher than others? The far table with the natural warp on it is the real height. The 2 tables my warp is on were raised on those bed risers you can buy at Bed Bath & Beyond. They're meant for dorm beds but work great on tables. Our backs weren't hurting quite as badly by the time we left. We realized, too, that there are 2 sizes of risers. Ila and LaDonna had 5" risers and I'd bought a set of 7" ones. Those extra 2" make a difference too!
Anything to help keep us going!
 I don't think I got all the pails in this picture that Ila and LaDonna were taking home with dyed projects in them. I know I had 6 of my own.
 We were there til after 4 but got alot done! Another day will be planned soon because now that we've done it again, enthusiasm is on the rise and more projects will be planned, individually and for the group.

It's not often that someone turns 90. DH's Dad is turning 90 at the end of the month, actually on the 31st, Easter. He was born on Easter and his birthday will be on Easter again! However, not everyone will be in Atlanta that weekend, so we met and celebrated early. My sister in law bought 90 sparkles but we decided just to put these on the cake! A good time was had by all!!

So we got back yesterday evening and this morning I have the great task of rinsing out my skeins and warps! It'll be a busy day. Plus, I finished the rug warp, wound a new one and have to put it on the loom, as well as chaining more loopers.
It'll be a busy week!
Until next time, keep weaving!


Bonnie said...

Looks like it was a fun dye day. Lots of pretty colors.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Looks like a fun dye day! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your fatherinlaw!

Karen and Steve
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