Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sleying the Beast

After LouAnn and I got back from the museum, I buckled right down, tuned everyone out and focused on threading the rest of my heddles.  If you'll recall, week before last I unthreaded about half the heddles to fix a few errors, but lacked the concentration to fix them.  We Tuesday Weavers like to visit as much as we like to weave, so imagine threading a 7-shaft huck lace pattern with ten conversations whirling around you, and you'll understand my problem.
  But this week, I came mentally prepared, and soldiered on.  I took out one repeat from the center of the pattern, leaving 35 instead of 36, and will need to remember to subtract one repeat from the treadling as well, since the pattern is Tromp as Writ.  It took no time at all to sley it, three threads to a dent, since the pattern is in sixes, anyway.  Next week, I tie on and start to weave!
  It's time for my annual Birthday Vacation--only 5 more shopping days, folks!--and am spending today doing some cleaning and yard work.  Tomorrow, it's off to Chattanooga, since I've never done more than drive through it, and check out the downtown area.  We'll also be visiting R&M Yarns in Georgetown, so no telling what mischief we'll get into!
  One of my goals at work has been to perfect the French Macaron, and I think I'm getting closer with each try.  It's a simple basic recipe, but the devil is in the details, some I've been told, and some I've realized on my own.  This week's flavor is Pistachio-Cardamom with Peach Buttercream.  So delightful!  They got a little brown, which they aren't supposed to do, but otherwise are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  They are the "take-away" on Sunday nights, the little treat our guests get as they leave the dining room, and I just love making them.  I look forward to Sundays, just so I can try to get better each time.  I'll never be as good as Francois Payard, but he probably can't weave worth a darn, either.
  But you can, and should!  Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

I am so glad you got the threading done.
The macarons look yummy.
Have a great BIRTHDAY WEEK. Happy birthday early.

LA said...

Sounds like you've got a fun Birthday celebration planned! Yeah! Thanks for helping me with the loom at the Museum!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday week....and a Happy Birthday celebration!


Linda said...

Have a wonderful birthday trip! I am glad to hear the threading went well.

Theresa said...

Have a wonderful birthday week. My DH is also in birthday week mode. Oh dang, if I lived closer I would certainly volunteer to be your macaron tester! ;)

Tina J said...

Happy Birthday Maggie! I would gladly pay you Tusday for a macaroon today! You are going to love weaving those napkins!

Tina J said...


Maggie said...

Hmmmm, Macarons for a Tuesday Weaver treat for my birthday! That could possibly happen! Will you be there, though?

Tina J said...

I will be back on the Tuesday following the 8th!