Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just Thinkin' and Spinnin'

  Don't you just love Saturday mornings???

  Although I'm not in the "rat race" world any more, I still revel in the glory of Saturday mornings. 

  As I sipped my first cup of coffee this morning, I was gifted with this sight....a hummingbird at the feeder outside the kitchen window.  Yes...that's fog.  We've had a lot of rain this week, which also meant cooler temperatures, thank goodness!  But, it looks like we're back to July temps for the coming week.  I'm sure we'll have high humidity to go with it.

 I've spent a lot of afternoons this week just spinning away on some new art yarns.  This is my newest skein of yarn that I finished last night.  It's still drying.

   I'm still working on the ball of thrums from Cindy's warps.  That is an exercise in patience....I work in short bouts of time, then I have to walk away.  But, that's OK....I don't have a deadline.....just an image of what the yarn will look like when it's finished.

   I have spun a couple of skeins this week, and they're waiting to get worked up into shawls or scarves for the fall shows.  I just had to start a trellis shawl using the skein of my thrums.  I have to admit that I love how it's working.
  One of the joys of spinning is the Zen like peace you get when you're in the rhythm.  My thoughts hop here and there.  I can see why it is called "wool gathering" after I saw a field in Scotland where bits of wool were caught on the thistles.  That's a lot like my thought process when I'm spinning. 

  I've been thinking a lot about the project we're starting at the Museum of Appalachia.  We are starting with the loom at the Loom House.  These are the harnesses that were laid to the side of the loom.  The string heddles are pretty much dry rotted.  The sticks and horses are still in good shape.  I brought them home to clean the sticks so that we can put new heddles on them.  My first thought was to just cut off the heddles. 
  But, after I laid them outside on the table, I saw that the heddles were put on the bars using a continuous piece of string!
  And, each group of 12 heddles were looped at the top.

  I'm thinkin' that I need to slide these heddles off onto another stick so we can document how they were done.
  In fact, I guess we need to document each step of our work at the Museum....for us, at least.

  I can see that this will be a fun project full of new things to discover.  Don't you think a colorful rag rug will look cheerful on an old loom?  Just thinkin'.........



Anonymous said...

The yarns are beautiful!! The orange should have a tag that says "Miss Linda." She loves colorful yarn and she's going to love that!!!

Jen Wi said...

Would you mind going into a little more detail about how you spin using the thrums? I am very interested in trying it.


LA said...

Jennifer - I sent you an email about spinning with the thrums. Have fun!