Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Business As Usual!

 Sometimes you just need the BIG picture. 

Just takin' care of business!

 Some might think that with Carol out of town, that we spent the day just chatting....and admiring Tina's scarf made with Solomon's Knots....and playing with cones of thread.

Oh, NO!  We were hard at work!

Bonnie got her loom threaded with the dyed warp.

And, Lanny brought a scarf from his warp at home.....yes....it is SO SOFT!!!!

  Allan's warp is messing up, again.  He and Tina did some trouble-shooting to see what was going on!

  And, we sent a team over to the Museum of Appalachia to look at some looms that needed some TLC.
  The Museum is right across the highway from the Center:    http://museumofappalachia.com/
  We were able to check out the loom in question, and decide on a course of action.  Next week we'll clean and wax the loom.  We'll also be making new string heddles to go on the bars, and then we'll be ready to dress the loom for demonstration use.  While we were there, we took a look at the spinning wheels that are on the property, as well as some other looms located in different buildings. 
  Of course, Linda zeroed in on the Union Loom....the staff would like to have a working loom in the Gift Shop that school groups and customers could actually weave on.  This would be perfect since you can stand to press the treadles.  It, too, needs to be cleaned up and a new warp wound on the back beam.  This will be lots of fun....and a real learning experience for all of us!
  So, in the meantime, it's back to business as usual:
weave, weave, weave!!!!


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Bonnie said...

Now I am excited to get that wild warp on the back beam and start weaving. It was a great day.