Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Not All Fireworks Will Be in the Sky

 This weekend, I had a chance to wash out my dye-day product, and my bathtub is the worse for wear from it!  But I did enjoy it for a moment.  Why don't they make bathtubs that are a riot of color instead of boring old white?

  It seemed to take hours for the water to run clear, and maybe it didn't completely, but I had everything hanging in the tub, fully washed and rinsed by the end of Monday. Tuesday morning, it was all stretched out on the drying rack, but even this morning, it's still a bit damp.
  Ideas are running through my head as to what to use it all for, fully aware that I still have many other dyed warps from previous dye days waiting for projects.
   But the looms are full and so are my days.  No time now to stop and weave!  I can tell you that the Plum to Chocolate to Gold warp is for the weaving challenge.  It'll be paired with some black bamboo in the warp, and possibly as the weft, in some kind of laciness.
  The curtains or the double weave sampler need to come off first, though!  All I seem to make time for, fiber-wise, is the knitted lace shawl, which will remain under wraps for now.  I'm almost to the end, about to start on the border.  Last week, I ordered Knitting Estonian Lace, by Nancy Bush, and I have plans for more future lace shawls.  Who knew knitting lace could be so fun?  And such a perfect summer project, for lazy afternoons watching t.v. and making something beautiful!

Here are the warps and skeins, basking in the early morning kitchen light, with Bella's nose in the far right corner.  I couldn't get a pet-free photo, as much as I tried.
  What do you think about pairing the fuchsia-boysenberry warp with the boysenberry-turquoise weft for a carpet warp scarf?  And I think the green weft will be overshot borders in kitchen towels.
  Well, it's off to make treats for millionaires to eat during the fireworks!  Have a happy Fourth!  You can always weave tomorrow!
xoxo, Maggie


LA said...

Lucky people at the farm: your desserts are fab! Love the colors....can't wait to see how this all weaves up!

Linda said...

What wonderful colors!

The farm was featured on the news last night. I waited to see you but they mostly talked to the preservationists. :-(

Bonnie said...

I think that fushia/boysenberry warp and the warp with the blue would look great as a scraf. Nice colors.