Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Many.......?


  For six days, the looms sit and wait for us to converge on the Center.
  For six days, shuttles lie on the warp just awaiting the weaver's hand.

On the seventh day....we arrive!!!!  And, warps become cloth and placemats and rugs.

(Allan and Tina at their looms.)

  What stories would this loom tell us if it could?
What history has been made as this loom wove cloth and rugs?
(Carl finished up a rug today, and started another rug before we left.)

How many people have learned to weave at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center?
(Carol and I did a quick count of table looms today as we anticipate the next couple of months.)
  Eiko is more than ready to move to a floor loom!

  I've lost count of all the scarves Ms. Ila has woven!!!  This pattern is lovely!

How many fringes have been trimmed and twisted?
How many warps have been wound and threaded?
How many weavers have sat on the benches?
(Christy, Cindy and Linda....hard at work!)

Tina plied off the yarn from the bobbins on the Louet that Maggie brought back to the Center.  Eiko is going to take the wheel home and spin!

Wonder how many yards of yarn?

  Oh well, another day at the Center!  We'll all go home to our looms, wheels and fiber....until next Tuesday!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

HAPPY 4TH. Stay safe.

Tina J said...

How many indeed! Well put Lou Ann, and how many weavers have woven on these looms before they found their way to the Center?