Friday, July 20, 2012

A Few Thoughts

  I'm having a difficult time this morning collecting my thoughts....the morning news was centered in Aurora, CO.  My prayers go out to all the folks there.
  Don't adjust your calendar....this isn't Saturday.  Tina is usually the Friday blogger, and she is on a camping trip with her Sweetie and the grands.  I sure hope the storms haven't caused too much of a kink in their fun.  I'm sure we'll get a report with pictures tomorrow.


  I was able to spin several more skeins of art yarn for the basket since last weekend.  But they have all gone with my sister to Alabama.  She came in on Monday, and we started a blitz of crocheting.  This is her completed shawl...the picture doesn't do it justice! 

  I layered it on my jeans jacket so the colors would show up a wee bit better.  It would be perfect for the movies or restaurants where they turn the A/C up so high!  Or, maybe just thrown over a little sun dress in the evenings.

  My shawl, which is not finished, is using a yarn similar to the yarn used in my sister's shawl.  It was so much fun just sitting here crocheting together.

  So, she loaded up the completed skeins and I'll see her in a few weeks.  It will be fun to see what she comes up with in the meantime with all that yarn.

  I'm back to the Wolf Pup weaving off the warp that is on him now.  I'm doing a class at the Center on August 11.  The participants will get the opportunity to throw the shuttle and make a set of mug rugs.  I'm going to put a warp on the Pup so they will get the chance to use a floor loom in addition to table looms.  (As you know, the floor looms at the Center all have warps on them now, so they couldn't be used for the class.)  I'll get the handout revised from my workshop in March, and they'll have that to take home, too.
 Have a great weekend, and
Happy Weaving (and all kinds of fiber play!)


Bonnie said...

Yes, the start of this day was a bit stressful.
The shawls are beautiful. I am glad that we have something to do, weaving, crochet or knitting to take our mind off the world problems.

Linda said...

The colors are really nice!


Roxie said...

What wonderful shawls! Handwork with a loved one is such a blessing. And if that loved one is a sister, how much better!

Maggie said...

Those shawls are so beautiful! Isn't lace the best?

Theresa said...

Such handsome shawls! Who knew crochet could be so dang pretty. Not me. I agree, thoughts and prayers for all involved in Aurora CO.