Monday, July 9, 2012

Adventure Begins...

There won't be much weaving for the next month. In fact, hardly any at all.....but I did get to Nilus for a short while to begin weaving the handtowels I'd put on him a few weeks ago. The warp I actually wound almost a year ago. I'd planned to put it on a baby wolf but that didn't happen. I'm tired of it sitting around so on Nilus it went! I don't remember how many handtowels are on there but I'm going to have several variations in color for them. This is the most time consuming, changing colors to make square blocks.
 The first towel I just wove navy, solid navy, just to get going and do a towel. It's about to go around to the cloth beam. It's pretty but the next towel with more peach and the solid navy parts is nice. I may weave the rest of this one solid peach but I know there'll be at least one of them that will be plaid the whole way.
I won't get back to weaving for several weeks. This past week was all about registration. It's crunch time and I needed to start getting the packets with names ready for our convention. The guitar players are all anxious to arrive, practicing their favorite songs to play and resting up for a few days of sleepless nights, absorbing as much music and how to play stuff as they can. Kind of like we do at weaving conferences... The guitars can be just as expensive (or more so) than a loom. Often we look for used looms that are reasonably priced. Older guitars can cost even more than they were new.
 So we're packed. We had both vehicles ready to go. This is my van. In it are a fiddle, mandolin, banjo, 4 amps and 7 all the stuff we need in our suite. There's a microwave and tiny fridge in here so I pick up a bunch of drinks and some food for the guys to nibble on while they're practicing for the shows later this week. It took 3 carts, piled high, to bring it all up to the suite!
 DH's jeep. It's full of just registration stuff. Packets with nametags in them already, boxes of old newsletters (each has music in it, so there's a demand for them), bulletin boards, copy machine, coffee maker......all the things we'll need to host the 28th annual Chet Atkins Appreciation Society.
 Sleep will be at a premium, the "circus is in town" with friends coming from France, Australia, Japan, Italy....all over the US and Canada.....and the vendors are ready to set up tomorrow with their guitars and DVDs, etc. Mel Bay has a huge booth, Gretsch and Broadway Sound are there. It's a happening place. We don't advertise much. It's better to let people discover the show. The 70+ performers are all gearing up and my helpers at the registration desk are primed to answer questions and help register the people that didn't do it ahead of time!
I've brought hand work along but I'll have to escape to do it. I am at the desk from 9am til 11pm so hope to run up here for an hour each afternoon to get a bit of production done. Next will be my summer craft fair.
It rained a bunch last night so I guess we won't be as hot this week. Everyone will like that. Normally Nashville is a very hot place the second week in July but we're thankful for this short reprieve.

Until next week, y'all keep weaving cause I can't!


LA said...

WOW! Two cars FULL! Take some time to have some fun!!!

Linda said...

It sounds like tons of work for you and DH but oh so fun for those who go to hear the music. I know! Wish we were going this year. Sigh.

I like the towels!

Tina J said...

I know you love this conference, and I know it is worth all the work that you have to do to put it together! Have fun!

Bonnie said...

Love those towels. Take time as everybody has said and have fun.