Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oh What a Tangled Web......part 2

  Yes....this is my tangled web!!!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not really complaining.  This is a gift!
Cindy gifted me with the thrums from her multi-project warp.  She likes to tie on her new warp to the old warp and then wind it on the loom.  This is a chain from 13 warps that she has had on her loom.
  At first, I wasn't sure just how I would use this....but, you just let it percolate for a wee bit, and the inspiration will float to the surface!  The toughest part is getting the strands to separate so you can wind them on the ball winder.  That's where it helps to divide and conquer....I've divided the chain in half, and then in half again to make it easier to pull out the strands for winding.
  I have the perfect yarn to use for the binder thread, and a jazzy red metallic thread for a little bling.

  While my sister and I were waiting for her daughter to finish up her book signing a couple of weeks ago, we wandered into a JoAnn's store to see what trouble we could get into.
       Us....yarn...there will be trouble!
  We found several different color-ways of this multi-colored yarn.  This is the dark blue version of the boucle.  I couldn't help myself....I picked up my hook and just started a half Granny Square so I could watch how the colors played.  I may just keep going!!!!
  The Rainbow Boucle will get used with Cindy's thrums.

  In fact, I already did one skein of 294 yards with some of that yarn....that's it on the top.  I used two cotton threads spun with the boucle.

The skein in the middle is using some of my thrums from a project I wove several years ago.  I found the thrums twisted together in the bottom of a basket when I was cleaning!  I had enough for a 202 yard skein.

On the bottom is another set of thrums from Carol...just light, breezy colors run together.  There is enough there for a scarf, I think.

  And, meanwhile, on the Ridge, the afternoon thunder showers mean that things are growing like crazy.  We've had record setting temps all week followed by the afternoon storms.  This mullein comes up every year, but this is the first time it has fact, I didn't even know that mullein bloomed!!!  This plant is almost 5 feet tall.  A little unexpected joy!!!!

  And, last, but not least, the cactus is in full bloom!
It bloomed at Christmas when I took it inside for the winter, so I was really surprised to see the two buds this summer.  The plant really needs to be re-potted.....I'll wait until the blooms finish before I start that project.

  Today is supposed to be another record breaker, so I'll be inside this afternoon.  I have a loom to finish threading, a warp that needs to be woven off, and a chain of threads to untangle.  I guess that means I have enough to I must be blessed.

Happy Weaving (and spinning and fiber play!)



Anonymous said...

Your comment about the Mullein surprised me. Here in Oregon Mullein is considered to be an invasive weed. It is a biannual - dyes after it blooms but the seeds scatter and produce many plants the next year. I think it is an attractive plant - but pull them out to be a "good land steward".
Enjoy the summer!
Stephanie S

Tina J said...

You do have enough to keep you busy! I would love to see some of your yarn as an accent yarn in a woven scarf!

Maggie said...

Such beautiful yarn! And I agree with Stephanie S! In Arizona, that's a weed! I wondered why I kept seeing it around town, growing in otherwise beautiful gardens! But you know what Thoreau said: One man's weed is another man's flower. It's all in perspective!

Theresa said...

We have mullein all over, in mostly disturbed areas. The birds love them though. That flower goes to a seed and in the fall songbirds and woodpeckers alike are at those seed heads. You have MUCH more patience than I to reprocess those thrums. Kudos to you!