Monday, July 23, 2012

Guild Fair: Done!

This morning I'm tired! It's been another hectic week. On Wednesday I drove over to Asheville, NC to have a booth at the Southern Highland Craft Guild's Guild Fair. The show ran from Thursday through Sunday. It's 4 long days! At least the show only runs til 6pm (5 on Sunday). In the early days of my doing the show it went til 9pm. Those were late nights!
The show was an interesting one. The quality was awesome as always. It's always humbling to know that your things qualify to be in a show of this quality. It makes me try to stretch and change what I do, striving to improve my work and make it tempting to someone!

I thought I'd take some pictures again of the booths I looked at for the 4 days!
Karen and her wonderful dolls...

 Some wood pendants, lamps, salt/pepper shakers........and pottery next to him.
 More pottery.....and rocking horses!
 This was my booth with pottery on one side and jewelry on the other. I wore a pair of her earrings Saturday that I'd gotten at the last show.  I sold rugs at this show as well. Wasn't sure how to display them so just put one in front and hung the rest. Several found new homes and Arrowcraft wants to try some in their shop so I"ll take some there this week yet.
I'm glad to say that quite a few pieces found new homes over the show days!

So, about my washing machine saga. It continues. The guy came last Monday and replaced the inner tub. We thought all was well and I did several loads of laundry. I think it was during the 3rd load that I thought I heard a bit of the banging noise. I was in my studio and rushed up but it quit and all was well. While I was gone, DH did some laundry and he says it's baaaaccck!! We've a call in with the warranty folks and we'll see what they say now. I hate that it is doing this. It's been such a good machine and I really like the warm/warm choice of wash. Every fiber artist needs that!!  I'll let you know what happens next.

I was so tired this morning I didn't get up til almost 10:30. That's unheard of for me but I did get a cold last week plus the 2 weeks of steady work with no break probably wore me down! DD has the same cold now, poor kid! I have to finish up the process of finishing the show and getting to the bank today.
Then the gears shift again. Later this week I"m heading north to Canada to visit my Mom and sister. Again, I"m driving with a load of things I"ve collected for them. It's 2000 miles up there and I stop inbetween to visit friends and family.
I recently got a sony walkman and have loaded 6 books on it to listen to while I drive. I'm looking forward to figuring it out and like the authors of the mystery books that  I downloaded from the library.
So, again, no weaving for me until I get back toward the end of August. There's no telling what my sister and I will get into while I"m up there. It's going to be fun and just good to be up there with family again.
I hope to write next from their home in Moose Jaw.
Until next week.


LA said...

So sorry about the washer! I know you depend heavily on yours!! I'm glad the show went well.

Tina J said...

Sounds like you did well this show. I think the rugs look good in your booth! I do not like appliance problems, we are dealing with our Internet connection people right now! At our house no wifi means no phone service!

Bonnie said...

Glad that you had a good show. Your booth looks great as usual. At least the washer is still under warranty. But what a pain.