Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disappearing Act

three weeks ago, not enough threads to finish
This week, half unthreaded
I believe I am the only one of the Tuesday Weavers who works full time, but I might be mistaken.  This past week, I worked more than full time, seven days in a row, and probably should have taken the day off.  I just missed everyone so much, since I wasn't there last week, but though the feet, car and spirit were willing, the mind was not.  I sat down in front of Big Bertha and thought, "What the hell am I doing here?"  I stared at the warp for a few minutes, as those around me caught up with each other.  I realized that I was going to have to do something drastic to the warp, or put up with mistakes, threads hanging off the back and inadequacies in a design I very much wanted to be beautiful.  I started pulling threads, trying to be systematic about it, but simply couldn't concentrate.  I was so worried about making a bigger mess than it already was, I decided to leave it alone and make a break for it.  I didn't want anyone to feel badly about talking--it's why we're there!--so I snuck out without saying anything.
  Well, I get emails and calls and still had to explain myself.  Many blogs we read and follow are lone weavers, weaving in the solitude of their own studios, but our Tuesday Weavers are many friends in a high-ceiling, noisy room, and woe be to she/he who decides to weave anything beyond plain weave!  I know Ila even takes her loom home to thread, so she can have peace and quiet when it really counts.  But Bertha won't fit in the Subaru, so I'm going to have to bring earphones or come in on an off day if I'm going to get that sucker threaded correctly!  I will triumph in the end!  But I'll have to figure how first.

Folks at work told me that if I posted this, I should have a contest to see if anyone could tell me what it is.  My phone isn't the best camera, but can you tell what it is?  I had to stare at the sheet pan for a second before I realized.  Then I squealed.   And went back to the bake shop, where nothing's gross.
 Let me leave you with something more pleasant.  These are the best macaroons I've made yet.  They didn't brown, but they were completely baked.  The color came out perfect, though these look brown in the photo. They're actually purple, and filled with dark purple blueberry buttercream.  They were gorgeous and delicious.  I'm certainly better at macaroons than threading lace!
Happy Weaving!  Enjoy the lovely rain!


Linda said...

You left without saying goodbye??? Someone I know says that is a big no no. LOL.

I don't know what that is but it sure doesn't look appetizing.

LA said...

When I did the lace scarves (way back when...) it wasn't the threading that I had trouble concentrating was the weaving sequence! My iPod came in very handy!!!

Tina J said...

We were all worried about you! Sometimes we do need solitude!

Bonnie said...

I am with Linda. I don't know what that is. Maybe mushrooms??
Yes, we were worried about you.

Roxie said...

Is it roasted bones and giblets for stock? Or was someone rendering goose grease?
How about a deal? I'll thread your loom while you feed me macarons.