Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Almost A Full House!!!

  Although Tina, Lanny, Linda and Ann could not be with us today, it was a BUSY day at the Center!!!!

  Maggie got her threading problem all fixed, and is busy sleying the reed.  But, she took time out to share her knitting project with the group!  What a beautiful shawl!!!

  And, thank you Maggie for sharing your salad fixings with me today....it sure did hit the spot!

   Judy brought her friend, LeeAnn for a visit with the Tuesday Weavers.  Besides all the busy downstairs, there are so many lovely handcrafts upstairs!!!!!

  Roz also stopped by with her granddaughter and sister for a drop-in visit!  Sometimes you just need to show folks where you spend your Tuesdays!!!!

  Sharen was with us today, too!  She wove two scarves at home, and brought them today to brainstorm what to do with the fringes.  After a quick tutorial, she got busy twisting the fringes just using her fingers.  No special equipment needed, by golly!!!!

  Shirley cut off her first warp!  YEAH!!!!  It's always exciting when our new weavers finish their first project!  Wonder what she wants to do next????

  A big Tuesday Weavers THANK YOU goes out to Shirley Becker!  She donated her library of books and magazines to our little group!  There were some real gems in this collection....one publication from 1957!!!!  (I love to read the ads in the older publications!)  Pat is going to work on organizing our expanding collection at the Center.  Thank you, Pat!

Cindy has her warp threaded, and she's ready to beam that baby onto the loom.

Eiko has her "cranberry" place mat warp tied onto the front bar....it looks like she's ready to start weaving!

Ms. Ila stepped in and helped Bonnie wind on her warp.  They had all pitched in earlier to get Andy's warp beamed on the Hammond loom. You just gotta love team work!!!!


  I was supposed to have helped Bonnie and Andy, but I grabbed Maggie for a quick trip to the Museum of Appalachia this morning.  With the temperature going up in the 90's today, I wanted to go and get back before lunch.
   Linda had thought the loom needed to be turned so the weaver could talk to the people at the door.  So, with Maggie's help, we turned the loom.  This also gives a great view of the rocker beater. Additionally, I wanted to sweep the Loom House free of all the nut shells the squirrels had left inside!!! 
  Maggie did another wipe down on the loom...so she's ready for a warp. We also used the mallet to drive in the pegs....she's a lot more stable now! (I'm still working on cleaning the original heddles...they are very unique!)


  There's always time to have a chat with friends......

.....and anticipate diving into peach dumplings!!!!  Thank you, Ms. Ila!!!
  They were YUMMY!!!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

It was a fun and busy day. I got my bright warp tied on. Next week, will start to weave.

Theresa said...
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Theresa said...

Try this again with at least one spelling error corrected!

OMG, Peach dumplings and it looks delicious. I bet it didn't even need ice cream either....Love the carrier for the pan too. Clever.
As always I wish we had such a wonderful area to meet and weave and kibbitz, but it's always fun to read about your activities!

Maggie said...

No need for ice cream, since the secret ingredient was Mountain Dew!

Linda said...

I am sorry I missed all the fun! The warps look great! I am looking forward to seeing all that comes off the loom. Especially Bonny's warp.

We are taking in some of the sights in Virginia. I hope to be back next Tuesday!

Sharon said...

I'd love to see someone weave on one of those old barn looms. They are enormous and it seems they'd be heavy and exhausting to work on. Gorgeous!