Monday, April 2, 2012


I love the colors of spring. As one flowering tree stops blooming, another begins. The wisteria is done, the redbuds and pear trees are green already but the lilacs are blooming!!! We planted a few bushes a couple of years ago. There are 2 kinds and one is in full bloom. The plant is huge, tall! I think it must be very much like the ones I grew up with that people planted as hedges. Imagine, a long hedge full of blooming lilacs. The smell is heavenly!! Our 2 bushes have blossoms on them now, way at the top!!

 I'm just glad that they've been ok with our quirky East Tennessee weather! There aren't alot of lilacs around here. Mostly I've seen them in older parts of town. When my daughter was in middle school, I'd drive her there each day. I knew exactly where all the lilacs were as we headed across South Knoxville. Since then some have been removed as people change their yards but I sure did enjoy them while they were there!
 We have a long driveway. In fact, there are 3 houses on our driveway. Someone, years ago, planted some azaleas at the road. Of course, the ivy's about taken over everything but in spring the azaleas are gorgeous.
 Color. I love color. It makes me happy. I guess that's why I like spring and fall so much.
Weaving, I am happier weaving color as well. The warp on the loom right now is mostly navy but I had this accent yarn that had some bright green in it so I added it to the middle. Also, I added a couple of yarns in green to the warp. One is an apple green. This picture doesn't do it justice. It stands out nicely and I think these pieces will sell quickly. I'm almost done this warp. The next one will be all navy. It's already wound. Thankfully it's not a solid navy. I should have pictures of it next week.
Family is still keeping me from being able to weave as much as I'd like, but I'm getting as much done as I can each week. I'm glad to be able to help and in the next weeks might not get much weaving done at all. However, knowing my looms are there and that I can throw a shuttle when I have a minute is very reassuring. I can't imagine what it would be like not to have a hobby. 
I'm heading to the studio now to see how much I can get done in the bit of time I have today!!
Until next week..


LA said...

The spring colors are great inspiration for weaving! Don't you just love all the beautiful colors right now!!!

Bonnie said...

I can smell the lilics right now. the color is beautiful. That green looks great with the navy. Yes, it will sell quick.

Judy said...

I love spring with the bright colors and wonderful scents! It's a balance, isn't it, to find weaving time along with everything else in the day? I hope that your weaving time is productive :-)