Wednesday, April 4, 2012


New plants, waiting for their garden
You might have to excuse me.  I've been sitting on Market Square with my BFF drinking wine and eating tapas.  I'm as tired of not posting on Wednesdays as you might be my not doing so, so I will forge ahead.  I might need another glass of wine.
  I worked 14 hours yesterday--why I missed Bertha's big move-- while Mom watched Bella, making and plating the dessert for the "Lucky Blackberry" cooking school, featuring David Chang,  I slept in, dogless this morning, then took Mom to lunch and went to the nurseries, which is what we do when the weather is pleasant.  Here are the plants I bought today, mostly for the slopes of my front yard.  There's a sunny side and a shady side, and these plants are for both.  I have invasive mints, cat mints, lemon balm, lavender and rosemary, hoping to cover the sunny side in aromatic obnoxiousness.  The shady side will be purple and green and delicate.
Flamingo sentinels watch over their garden
  I finally found a home for one pair of the flamingos, buried in the lavender and Sweet William and snapdragons.  I have another pair, still virginal in their box, awaiting my resurrection of the backyard flower beds.
  All this will happen tomorrow, with no time for weaving, but spring has sprung and I must answer!
  I did so want to share a photo with you, but I can't figure out how to move a photo from Instagram to email to saved photo!  Yesterday, one of my co-workers was helping out David Chang's sous chef, making impossibly thin sugar wafers.  Now, a wafer of any kind in pastry is called a Tuile, the French word for Tile.  Andrew worked for hours, removing these thin wafers from a "stick proof" silicone sheet.  He carefully placed them on parchment and put them in plastic boxes.  When he had a tall stack of plastic boxes, he asked me if he could keep them in the chocolate room where the humidity wouldn't affect them.  I said yes.  He stacked them high up on the chocolate cabinet, and when he left, I read the blue tape labels:  "Sugar Twills."  Hmmm, I thought, a new weave structure!  Sweet!
Happy Weaving!



LA said...

Oh NO....said it ain't so! They're talking about a frost for next week!!!! But, the ground is plenty warm since we've been having this summer like weather! Sugar for thought!

Bonnie said...

Nice plants. They will look and smell great on the bank in front. I guess weaving takes a back seat to work and spring things.

Anonymous said...

I still have Lenten Roses waiting for you. I am gone next week - we will have to make a digging date when I return.

I want to try the sugar twills!

Theresa said...

Sugar Twills, how sweet indeed. Love the flamingos!