Saturday, April 7, 2012


  First of all....thank you to everyone who helped out naming the hot pads.  I had actually saved that drawdown as "Hollywood Hot Pads."  Great minds and all that!!!!!  I just loved the comments!
  The next batch of hot pads to test will be the Fiesta Pads.  I LOVE my Fiesta dishes, and it just so happens that I have thread that matches the plates!!!  I've finished the drawdown using a Log Cabin threading, and I think these will be lots of fun to weave.  Maybe I can get these on the loom later next week.

This week's project was the Bead Leno scarf by Betsy Sizkil.  It's from the Sixty Scarves for 60 Years book by the Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore.  If you haven't seen this book yet, you'll want to take a look!
  Every time I open the book, I see something new and different.  The colors....the weave structures...the use of different yarns!  Oh my! 

  This scarf came off the loom last night, and I'm twisting the fringes this morning.  I think it will look really great with my linen dress in the morning.  (I'm really glad the dress has a little jacket that goes over it since the temps have dropped to a more seasonal level here!)

  It's a fast weave....once you get the hang of it!  The beads cause the threads to twist, and also produce a VERY narrow shed.  I started the scarf twice before I got the hang of it!  Third time is the charm!
  Also, Carol clarified the hemstitching portion:  it clearly says to hand weave 6 picks of basket weave.  And, that's the key....HAND weave....just like you're doing tapestry. 
  But, it is so soft and light weight!  This will be a great summer scarf!  This would be fun to do in some colors, too!
  I hope you have a joyus weekend!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

At first glance, I thought it was candles on the plates. That yarn does match the plates. I love, love that scarf. I will look beautiful with the linen dress. Have a great Easter weekend.

Linda said...

I thought the same thing!

The scarf looks great!

Tina J said...


Maggie said...

You'll have to explain that weave structure. Do the beads end up in the scarf, or are they there to twist the threads? I'm confused!

Theresa said...

^0 scarves for 60 years is a fab book! I love that scarf and it looks like you are doing a bang up job with it. Beautiful!