Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh What a Tangled Web......

Sometimes the TV program that you've tuned into starts with how the story ends.....and that's what you see here.

  So....what led up to this, you might ask.

  Why are Carol and Maggie winding up thread that Ann is taking OFF the warping mill?????

  It was a beautiful morning to be at weaving.  Slowly, the studio starting filling up as the weavers all arrived.  Everyone got to work on their projects for the day.  Lanny had to endure some gentle teasing about his warp.....it really is a good idea to thread the heddles and sley the reed before you tie on the front bar.

  As promised, Carl was set to cut off the rug warp that he's been weaving.

  There were eight rugs on the cloth beam......

..........take a look!

  Eight rugs take more space than we have, so we had to do two roll-outs!

   Tina and I got them cut apart, then Carol joined in to help tie the fringes.  It sure goes fast when folks pitch in and help!!!!  Carol was working on pricing them for the shop upstairs and getting them logged into the master inventory list.

  New rugs for the shop!!!!

  In the meantime, Ann set up the warping mill to wind the warp for her Kentucky Log Cabin rugs that will be going on the rocker loom.  (Just so you know, Ann hums a little ditty while she makes the mill go round and back!)  You can see the rugs on the table where they were waiting to get their fringes tied.

  Yep....that's Ann in the background--just winding away on her warp.....Jinx and Roz are working on their looms.  Carol and Trudy are catching up on news.  Over by the door, you can barely see Maggie at the warping board.

  Maggie is winding Big Bertha's first warp....some napkins in huck lace.  Is that an eight yard warp????

 Linda worked on her placemats while Lanny got started threading his warp.  You can barely see Bonnie....she spent the morning threading her heddles on her warp since the reed has been sleyed.  She does hers from the front of the loom.

  In the meantime, Ms. Ila and LaDonna arrived, and they got busy, too.  Ms. Ila discovered a threading error, and finally found the offending thread.  Now.....to the correction!!!!!

   Allan finally got to weave on the bread cloth warp.  Tina got the threading error fixed, and now she's working on the warp of Ellen's place mats. 

  And, with all this activity going on, Ann just kept on winding and winding.

  Yes......she wound too much!!!!

Now you know why Maggie and Carol were winding thread OFF the warping mill!!!!

It does get lively on Tuesdays at the Center!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

A busy day with lots of talk and laughter. Not to forget you, LouAnn helping where ever necessary.

Tina J said...

We can really make some noise down there! I suppose we all need to line up for some good natured ribbing, like the time I was using the same warping mill, and my math was on vacation, I forgot that it is 4 yards around the mill. So I wound 20 yards instead of 5 yards! I ran out of yarn!

Maggie said...

We never get to have private mistakes at Tuesday Weaving!

Theresa said...

LOL, what a busy wonderful day at Tuesday Weavers!!!

Anonymous said...

No it wasn't too much warp it was three cones of natural and one cone of white by mistake. Had to wind off about 600 yards of warp just to rewind it in the correct color. - about an hour and a half mistake. The extra time blew the rest of my day's schedule.

I am sorry Lanny I will never tease you again ...it was bad Karma.

FYI the mill is put away as it has to be so that the quilters can come in and work on Wednesdays and the warp is ready to go on the loom next week.

With chagrin - Ann

Maggie said...

Who's that? :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks not only to Maggie and Carol for helping me "unwarp" - but also Trudy who helped us control the tension as it was coming off and Kaylee, our High School intern, who took over the job so that Maggie could get back to her own warp. Also, Kaylee was the only one still around to help me take it off the mill.

Next week I will wind the warp on and it will take a village to do that too - the space is so tight around my loom I can't do it myself. I do hope that I haven't used up all of the help folks are willing to lend.

Thanks to all,

LA said...

Sounds like a lot happened after I left!!! Sorry I got the reason for the unwinding wrong...somehow I missed that. But, never fear, I'll be glad to help you wind on your warp on Tuesday!!!!