Friday, April 13, 2012

Early Morning Musings

For some reason I woke up this morning at 4:15 am!  I am not sure why, but by 4:45 am I was still awake, so I got up.  I fixed myself some coffee and read quietly for about 30 minutes, then something caught my eye.

Of course it was dark outside at the time, but I thought it would be wonderful to spin up some of the Silver Romney while lost in morning thoughts.

I have been pleased at how this fleece is spinning up.  I at one time thought it was a lost cause, I thought I had ruined it, felted it beyond repair.  But it has been redeemed by the use of combs.  Wickedly sharp combs, but that is what it took!

I have one 4 oz. skein already spun, and I have a project in mind.  I still have to comb another 2 oz. to complete this skein.  I was able to spin 4 of those soft bumps that you see on the distaff before the sun crept over the ridge.

It is spinning up to be fingering wt when 2 ply, that seems to be my default.  If I want thicker yarn I will 3 ply it!

Weaving has not been going as well as it could be I suppose,  I had planned to finish re-threading the Friendship Twill Towels on the little Leclerc, Alice, but I had to go into town today to get some travel vaccines for my trip this year.  My morning flew by, and it wasn't until after lunch that I got back to the loom.

I was nearing the end of the re-thread, and I had an uneasy feeling that the numbers were just not going to work out, so I stopped and counted what I had left to do and indeed the numbers were just not adding up!

I decided that I needed to count how many threads I had. ( Remember, I did not wind this warp I inherited it!)  I ended up with 390 instead of the 392 I thought I had, which isn't such a big difference, and it does not explain why the threading wasn't coming out!

So this is how I left it this afternoon. It is back to the weaving program to see if I can figure out where I went wrong.  (This sounds like a broken record doesn't it!  On Tuesday I finally finished my threading headache at the Center!) Let's see how many tries it takes me this time!

Until next time, Happy weaving, Tina


LA said...

Ohhhh...what lovely yarn you are spinning! Is it going to be something for a grand-baby???? I can almost feel the softness! So sorry you're counting threads again...what a bummer! But, the towels will be lovely when they're finished!

Bonnie said...

Wow, what an early start you got. Nice yarn. It will make something really nice.

Roxie said...

Isn't it a treat to be the only person awake in a brand new day? I love sunrises and and the bird's dawn chorus.

Judy said...

Isn't that a great way to start the day? A cup of coffee and a bit of spinning. Nice.