Monday, April 23, 2012

Which winter is this?

So which winter is this? We're having another cold spell for a few days with temperatures getting close to freezing at night. We generally have a few of them this time of year. We already had Dogwood Winter. So is this Blackberry Winter? Someone said they're not blooming yet.  However, our raspberries are so I'm officially (ha!) calling this Raspberry Winter, at least in our yard. Not sure what it is in yours!!

I've gotten one of the royal blue warps done. I actually got the accent yarn from Yarn Barn. It's in their regular catalogue and I love the way it works with the blue. I added an extra vest to this warp for myself! I've got alot of work finishing up other pieces I've woven before I'll get this one finished, but am so looking forward to wearing this vest!!! On the down side, blue buttons are hard to find. There are so many different blues. I'm not sure what I'll use for buttons on this warp or the next one that's already on the loom. That warp is blue, light purple and purple. I'll be weaving it this week as I can.

 Inspite of the weather, we did go to Stanley's last week to pick up a few plants.  This is our last try at a pot garden on the deck. I think we just don't get enough sun inspite of everything! I've planted 2 pots with red peppers, the nice sweet ones. The other pot has dill in it. We'll see how that works too..
 Something that loves my deck is my sorrel. This is the 3rd year it's on the deck, looking good!! I need to make soup.
We haven't brought most of the plants out from the greenhouse yet. We're waiting til later this week after the temps get a bit higher, back to normal. The ferns wintered through pretty well and will be added to the back deck. I'll probably pick up some new things for the door to my studio again. Not sure what it'll be this year but I'll post a picture of it when I get it done!

I had a time getting this blog to work today. I normally go to the site through aol. However, I tried multiple times this morning and it wouldn't work. I even emailed LouAnn to see if she could get on. The message I kept getting was that there was a problem with some module file and to expect more errors. So I rebooted the computer. Same thing. I hate internet explorer but I finally relented and got in there through that and it worked right away. I'm not sure what's up with that but at least it's done!!  I've got alot of projects pending in my studio and hope to have some decent pictures soon of a dye project I"m in the middle of.
I've got the heat on today in the house, at least for a few hours. However, later this week might turn the air conditioning back on again!! As long as we don't have snow, I think we're going to be ok!!
My view is all closed in again with the trees full of leaves. We won't have a view again on 3 sides of our yard until late fall. As long as you're not claustrophobic this is a great place to live!
I'm going to try to get alot of weaving done today. I"ve already got another warp wound and looking forward to getting it going too....
Until next week, happy weaving!


Linda said...

I guess it is blackberry winter in Chattanooga! They are blooming down there.

The blue is really nice. All your things are! You just have the best eye for what colors work well together.

Bonnie said...

I don't know what winter this is, but is is cold. Had to turn our heat on also. I love that accent yarn with the blue warp. You did not show the blue with the purple warp. Maybe next time. Good luck with the plants.

LA said...

The blackberries have been blooming up here on the ridge for over a week!!! Does that mean they'll be ripe in early June???? I'll have to keep an eye on that! I'm so glad you warped some extra for yourself!!!! It only seems right.

Tina J said...

I agree Brrrr! I would have been fine with it last month! Lovely blue Carol, I hope to see it on you soon!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. The yellow-looking shuttle makes the cloth look even prettier in the photo. Peppers are no problem here, but sorrel would probably take a lot of TLC. Our average last frost date is mid-May, but the lilac blossoms love the cold nights. ~Marta in SF