Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All In A Day's Work!

    Some of our merry band are still on Spring Break, but we had a vibrant group today!  Catching up on our news is always a great way to start our day.  Andy is back at her threading on the little loom, while Maggie hem stitches another place mat. 

  Tina brought her knitted shawl to share....this is the one she worked on while she was in Texas, and on the drive home (her hubby did the driving....she did the knitting!)  The next step is the blocking!

  Jinx gave the grand tour to her granddaughter, Isabell.  Linda got the tension adjusted on the Herald loom, and was trying out some different weft. 

  Pat directed the process of putting Bertha back into working order.  Treadles were put into place, followed by the harnesses. 

  And, with the beater bar in place, Pat passed the shuttle to Maggie.  Maggie is going to start out with a small 8 shaft pattern to get used to the loom.  Lookin' good, ladies!!!!

  Next week, Carl will be cutting off the rug warp on the barn loom.  We'll be able to cut them apart and tie the fringes rather quickly when everyone pitches in to help.  Then, we can help Carl wind on the next warp.

Bonnie gave me a quick lesson on warping front to back.  You can see the chain wrapped around the front beam, and she's holding the cross in her left hand. 

  She wound four threads at a time, so she picks out one at a time to thread in the reed, then moves to the next set of four.  Next week she'll start threading the heddles.  

We have such a sharing group of weavers....and we are always learning new things!!!!  Isn't that great!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Yes, it is great to share and learn new things. It was a productive day.

Anonymous said...

Always a joy to see the great projects flowing out of that studio. Wonderful photos! ~Marta in SF

Benita said...

You have a Herald, too? I have a 40" wide, 8 harness one. I have no idea how many owners it has had before me, but I like him.

Tina J said...

It was a fun day!

Sharon said...

Sharing is great. I warp just like Bonnie and after trying different ways, it's my favorite. Go Bonnie!