Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Complete Randomness, But Hey! I Posted!

Can you see the empty heddle?
 It's 9:48 on a peaceful, rainy Wednesday night, and I'm thinking it's about time I called it a day, when I realized, Oh, no!  I forgot to BLOG!!!  Oh, no may not be exactly what I said, but you get the idea!
  And this morning, I had a bunch of ideas for my entry, really good ones!  I can't think of a one now, so just bear with me, please.
  I woke up early, today being a work day, and threaded the reed on the huck lace pattern.  I got about six sets, 12 repeats, when I saw the empty heddle.  There's no missing thread hanging around out back, so I either have to hang one off the back, which I really don't want to do, or I have to rethread.  Don't want to do that, either, but I really hate the mess of stuff hanging off the back.  My plan of action is to start from the other end and rethread the whole thing.  Maybe there's an extra thread lurking on the other side!  You never know!
Katie's big stack of lavosh.
  My days off are split for the next two weeks, and I won't be able to come to the Center next Tuesday.  Big Bertha's new warp is ready to be wound on when I'm there next, all 552 threads, but she'll have to wait.  I hope I don't miss any heddles then!
  I'm not the only one who's been busy.  Two of our chefs are on their way to California this week, and they asked Katie for 18 sheets of lavosh, the flat Middle Eastern bread.  Here's half of it, made Monday.  It filled eight boxes.  We hope it gets there safely!
  Bella's been extra scratchy, allergy season keeping her busy, so she got some extra treats from PetSmart yesterday before she got a bath.  She loves pink as much as I do, and her new flamingo toy is her new favorite.  She's still a little itchy, but her oatmeal bath seems to have helped.
  Well, it's lame, but I made it!  Have a great week!


LA said... sorry Bella's allergies are starting up! But the toys are cool!!! You can rethread and throw...rethread and throw......

Tina J said...

What! Isn't that how your supposed to do it? Rethread countless times til you get it right!

Bonnie said...

You did it. Did your blog. Glad the oatmeal bath helps Bella some. Big Bertha will have to wait.