Tuesday, April 3, 2012

She's Backkkkkkk!!!!!

May I introduce you to our very own

She's a beauty....and she's very wide (60 inches!)

She's been at the Spa (Pat's house) for the last little bit, and it was time for her to come back to the Center.
(In other words, Pat would like her room back!)

  Allan, Tina and I set out from the Center and drove to Pat's house in Knoxville this morning to bring the lovely lady back to Norris.


  After we arrived, all we could think about was seeing Pat's grand new hen house.  This was designed by Pat's grandson, and it is the Taj Mahal of  chicken coops!!!!

  And, here are the lucky ladies that reside in the hen house!  These are truly free range chickens (or as much as you can free range in the city!)

But, we had to get back to work, and with Dan's help, the four of us loaded Bertha onto Allan's truck.

  Meanwhile, at the Center, the Weavers were putting all those wonderful dishes out for the Potluck lunch.  We had a speaker from the Small Business Administration talking about setting up your own small business.

  Linda had met Bruce before when he gave a talk to another group, and thought he had some good tips for us, too.  He was able to stay and have lunch with us and answer more questions.

  Then it was time to get back to work.....Bertha was a tad too wide to come through the door....even when she sucked in and held her breath.  

  But, Allan just removed the bottom beam and when Bertha was tilted up....in she went!!!!!

  She's back in position, and next week we can replace the harnesses and beater bar.  Then, we can start thinking about what to weave on this nice, wide loom.  (Any ideas, Maggie???)

Wheeee.....what a busy day!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

We did have a great and busy day.

Roxie said...

I blew out my back (herniated disk ) on a wide loom like that so do be sure to take it easy. I know how hard it is once you get into the zone, but you have to get up and walk around for a couple of minutes every half hour.

But a huge loom like that has such immense possibilities. Have fun with Big Bertha!

Maggie said...

Oh, my. She's very large.