Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playing With Log Cabin


  I'm way behind on my mug rug quota, so I decided to put on a warp using the threading for Log Cabin.  I added a marigold thread that matched my Fiesta dishes to the mix to give me six colors, and wound a four yard warp.
  This mug rug has small cotton mop cord for weft, and this is the one shuttle weave.


 For the next set, I used two shuttles:  mop cord and carpet warp.   This is where you get those wonderful little blocks that play across the piece.  (And, just in case you are new to Log Cabin, the blocks are created by throwing two shots of the carpet warp to change the block.)

  When you add a darker weft, you get a new look!  After I get the mate for this one woven, I'm going to use some white fabric strips for weft.  I do want to try a small print fabric to see how that does under this threading.
   I think this will translate well into the hot pads that I'm working on for next year's class.

  Boo-boo OR design element?
  It's a boo-boo....I'm just not sure what happened.  My friend Dana thinks it might be a threading error since it only happened in one spot. 
  This is my bead leno scarf that I wove last week, and wore on Sunday.  If you look closely at the middle of the picture, you'll see two threads that ran together all the way up the scarf.  That should NOT have happened!
 I guess this means that I have to weave another scarf  and see if I can do better.  There is a lot of shrinkage, so I think I will add some to the length, too!
  As always, there are so many projects I want to weave, and not always a lot of weaving time!  Isn't that the dilemma for most weavers?
Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

You are having such fun with the mug rugs! They look great!

I am sorry about the scarf but it will be perfect the next time!

Civil Folks said...

I am not familiar with Log Cabin but I love the resulting weave.


Bonnie said...

How wonderful to watch it unflod. Different weft, one shuttle or two. I am sorry about the scarf. It is still very pretty.

Roxie said...

Love log cabin - It's magic.

Anyone who notices that your scarf has that one itsy bitsy flaw is staring way too hard at your chest!

Maggie said...

I agree with Roxie, and I call it a design element. It is almost centered. I really like the alternating weft mug rugs!

Judy said...

Great post on the log cabin weave! I didn't even see the flaw until you mentioned it. Your scarf looks soft and I bet it's nice to wear.