Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Full House

  This is not the best picture of the day, but it will give you a small idea of all the activity going on today.  (Pictured from l to r:  Pat, Shirley, Carol, Ms. Ila and Cindy)

  Welcome to our newest Tuesday Weaver, Shirley!  She got her thread chosen, warp wound and loaded onto the table loom.  (She's threading her loom in the first picture.)
  You might notice that she's wearing one of Carol's vests.  I guess that means she has good taste, too!!!!

  Pat got down to business with our library....it's been a little while since it was given any TLC.  Pat found a few duplicate copies of the same title (how many copies of Davison's book do you need?)  But, Pat has great organizational skills, and she worked her magic on the shelves.

  Jinx reached the end of her first warp at the Center, and off it came!  She's working on a rug warp at home, and pulled together some warp and fabric to take home.

  Andy is making headway with her tangle...this might take awhile.  (Actually, she's just about worked it out!)

  In the meantime, Tina showed Linda how she combed the Nigora fleece.  (It's sooooo soft!)

And, Linda showed Allan and Tina how she spins on her cute little wheel.

Lanny is still threading his warp.....and Maggie is counting heddles.  She still has some additional warp to wrap on the board....this is going to be a lovely project.

Christy was calmly weaving her bookmarks on her Inkle loom....even with all the hub-bub going on around her.......great concentration!!!!

And, after the up-teenth broken thread on her scarf warp, Ms. Ila just took the scissors to it!  I can't blame her!

   Now, remember back last week when Ann had to unwind the white thread off of the warping mill?
  Well, she got her warp wound, and spread on the loom, and we begun winding it on the back beam.  And, since it's a rather wide warp, Tina helped on the front end while I wound on the warp at the back.  Team work!  Yeah!!!  But, I think you can say that Ann and Tina were "sitting down on the job!"

  I missed the shot of Carl sitting INSIDE the barn loom, and at one time, Ann was inside her loom, too!!!!  Sorry.....that would have been great pictures to post!  And, I seem to have missed Bonnie --she was hard at work on her loom today, too!  
Just another busy day at the Center!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Ann and I actually got that warp all wound on, Carol stepped in when Lou Ann had to take off. It is going to make beautiful rugs!

Bonnie said...

I really would have liked to try Linda's wheel. I was winding the warp on the loom. Maybe another time. It was a busy day.