Monday, February 27, 2012

Back, but.......

***News from our traveler!!!!

  After a couple of weeks of sewing and having a good time with my family, on Thursday we headed for the airport and I was fortunate.  We were between storms and my flights were all on time!  Flying through Denver is not my favorite thing, and I won't do it without having at least a 2 hour layover.  Flying in from the international area, customs, security, etc.... is beyond weird. There were about 5 people with tight connections.  I know none of them made their connections!!!  Half an hour after we landed, they were still waiting for their bags that would have to be handed back to the airlines for their last flight.  That's without having to go through security again, usually a huge line, and then taking the train, their new gate.  Having 2 hours makes it workable.

  Friday was spent making sure our daughter got to Florida to see a friend.  So, back to the airport, only this time there had been storms in the morning and the flights were delayed....a couple of hours...but all went well, and she made it since her connecting flight in Atlanta was also delayed.

  Friday evening, DH and I drove down to Atlanta.  I'm still here!  We came because his parents are moving into an apartment.  After being in their home for over 60 years, life is such that they can't stay there any longer.  His Mom had a hip replacement in December, and she is still in rehab.  His Dad is OK, but shouldn't be working around the yard, etc...   DH's sisters found a great apartment in a high rise with lots of paths and a lake nearby for his Dad to walk around.  The whole thing is pretty traumatic as we can all imagine.  So, they asked if I'd spend the night Sunday and be in place to help with whatever was needed for the move today.
  I'm sure I'll have stories to tell about this!!! 
  Frankly, I'm tired.  It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks and THIS on top of it all!  I'm glad to help DH's parents.  They have been wonderful to me all these years and I am glad to help them.  I'll be home late tonight and back the Center to weave tomorrow.  Maybe I can sleep in on Wednesday?
  I'll post pictures from my trip next week.
Hope to get some weaving done before then, and hope you can, too!


LA said...

I can't wait to hear all about your adventure on Tuesday!!!

Tina J said...

Glad to have you back Carol! We went through something similar last week with Dear One's Mom. She has settled in nicely, I hope your move goes as well.

Anonymous said...

Be present for your in-laws. Take care of yourself. We will still be there next week to hear your stories if you need to stay in Atlanta or need to stay in bed tomorrow.

Be well,

Bonnie said...

Have a safe trip back. Hope to see you tomorrow.