Friday, February 17, 2012


I have had no weaving time at all this last week.  It is all good and necessary stuff, but it takes me away.  I have been able to finish one of my January socks however, I have knit and reknit parts of this sock way too many times.  First the leg had to be redone in 2x2 rib, because I did not like the looseness of stockinette.  Then I had to do and redo the heel several times because I was using a different heel than I usually do. I also had to take it out and do about 10 rows of stockinette between the leg and the heel to get it to fit right.

Then as I continued down the foot I thought that I would only have to do 4 repeats of the pattern, and maybe add a few plain rows before I started the toe decreases.  I thought that because the leg of this sock is really long!  But, alas,  I kept having to take the toe out and add more plain rows, until I finally decided that I should just do another couple of pattern repeats and see where that got me.  Of course, It landed me just where I needed to be to start the toe decreases.

tomato heel

Then I somehow got the stitches shifted 3 stitches over when I started the toe, and it was all crooked!  Once again I carefully took out the stitches and found the right place to start.  

foot detail

Last night, I got it right all the way, and this morning early I tried it on once again to make sure.  Then I closed the toe and steam blocked it for these pics.  I think the second sock will go much smoother, now that I have the kinks worked out.

I hope to be back at the loom next week, you just never know these days!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said... I understand the origin of those sounds I heard.....rippppp....ripppp!!!! And, I just thought it was the frogs!!!! That yarn has an interesting colorway....what are you using?

Linda said...

It looks good! I like the colors.

Bonnie said...

Very nice looking scok.

Bonnie said...

I mean sock.

Maggie said...

So, really, you knitted this sock four times, which means you're already done with February's pair, too!