Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Zen of Plain Weave

  Most of my week has been taken up with class preparation.  Lil' Smokey got his harnesses in place, and the warp went on pretty smoothly.  Although table looms are not my first choice, I have to admit that weaving on this little beauty was fun!
  I made some changes to the threading pattern after working in the Weave Design program for a little bit.  Then I worked on the four treadling patterns I wanted to use for the class.  Since I have two table looms and two Wolf Pups, I wanted to make the decision on which pattern to weave on each loom.  I'm going to test drive this SIL has agreed to be my guinea pig, and he's going to weave a mug rug using my directions.  So, Lil' Smokey will get to go on a field trip in the morning!

  I pulled Parker Pup into the living room with the intention of putting on a mug rug warp....and I got side tracked. 
  Why not put on a quick scarf warp????
  I had picked up the variegated nubby thread at R&M the last time I was there.  You know how it is.....a cone will call to particular project in mind at the time.  I just like the way the colors played on the cone.
  What a joy.....just plain weave....just let the colors play as they make cloth.
Pure bliss!!!!

  I was finished before I knew it, and off the loom it came.  Since I was twisting fringes, I might as well finish up the fringes on the chenille scarf I wove on the rigid heddle loom last year.  (That was the project I put on the RH loom last spring when we were demonstrating straw looms at the Smoky Mt. Fiber Arts Festival.)
  I think I'll get them washed and pressed today so I can wear my scarf tomorrow!
  This weekend I'll be working on the handout for the class, as well as winding the other black warps for mug rugs.  
....but, truthfully, I'd rather be just sitting and weaving!!!

Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

The scarves look really nice! I like using verigated yarns and watching what developes as I weave.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful scarves.

Maggie said...

Those scarves made me say, "Oooooh!" Be sure to let us see the amateur mug rug!