Monday, February 6, 2012

Just barely....

I wind warps all the time, know exactly how much to put on for the projects I'm weaving. In fact, often there's a bit more warp after I've done the pieces I planned so I weave anywhere from 10 to 15 inches extra to stash for jackets I make with scraps. However, then there are the times that it doesn't quite work. This warp was one of those. I knew I'd have just enough warp but this was cutting it a bit close!!

 So close in fact, that I had to change shuttles to finish the last couple of inches. Normally I use the bigger leclerc boat shuttle for my weft. I like how it fits in my hand and the yarn feeds off the bobbins quite nicely. The smaller leclerc boat shuttles was too big as well, so for the last inch I found a tiny shuttle that I normally use on my table loom when I'm weaving small things. It came in very handy and I had just enough warp to finish that last vest!!
 Last week we had a day without rain. Of course it had to be Tuesday. So on Monday afternoon the guys delivered the 2 bobcats and this was what I saw as I was leaving Tuesday to head up to the center. There were 4 guys there working to  put in a new septic field for us.
 I was hoping to see where the lines were being placed but this is what it looked like when I got home late afternoon and the guys were already gone!!
The good thing is that now I can do laundry or dye yarns to my heart's content!!! We're fine for the next 3 to 5 years before we need to call them again!! He said we can't plant anything like flowers or rhododendrons out there. Just maybe grass and use stepping stones for a path. Yeah, right. The ivy'll grow there within a year even if we do plant grass. Plus within a few years there'll be small trees trying to grow in there just like before! However, DH thinks maybe he can plant some cactuses out there. Don't they have shallow roots? Plus, he'll have a trail going around the edges of it pretty quickly. This hillside was totally clear when the house was built 60 years ago. Now we've got a fully grown forest on our hilltop. Nice shade and privacy.
I am looking forward to tomorrow to see all that yarn that came. Thanks to LouAnn for spearheading it this time. It'll be fun figuring out where to put it in the studio so that it's out of the way but accessible. We also are going to be organizing that annex. That'll be a several day job on its own! Some of the things we have in the studio will go out there as we move looms around, swap out a 45" leclerc and bringing back in the 60" other things that have been stored in homes. Won't it be fun to see it all???
Til next week


Linda said...

I am glad to hear that project is done. What a mess but it will be green in no time. Hey, goats will take care of that ivy for you! I came home to workmen here last Tuesday fixing the lawn from the water pipe leak.

Wow, I am glad you were able to get enough cloth from that warp. That sure was close!

LA said...

You eeked out that last few inches, lady!!!! That was close!!!! We've got our work cut out for us at the Center will be good to get things organized.

Roxie said...

What a lot of things you have going on! And oh, my gosh, you really squeaked the last bit out of that warp. The only thing left to do is untie it from the apron and use the ends as fringe. I'm impressed!

Bonnie said...

Just as you planned. A little close. I bet you were biting bullets.
Those work men sure left the area in nice shape. I think catus will be good in that area.

Bonnie said...

Ok. What's up with the time on this site. I just added a comment and it says 9:45am. It is 12:46pm?
Is this a LouAnn question?