Saturday, February 18, 2012


It seems this is the weekend for transitions.

The forecast this morning is saying our weather will transition from sunny and mild to snowy and cold by tomorrow.  Later at the grocery store, I'll get to see everyone clean out the TP and bread isle....I just need cat food!!!

  Cece doesn't like it when the supply gets low!  She doesn't just help with fringe twisting....she also has to help with putting heddles on the bar.  We lack one more harness, and we'll be ready to put a warp on Lil Smokey.

I'm teaching a class at the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival in March. (Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival)
  We always have a straw loom booth at the festival, and so many people have expressed an interest in weaving.  We were asked if we could come up with a weaving class, and Tina and I put our heads together and came up with two classes.  We'll have the two Wolf Pups and two table looms set up to do mug rugs with an Amish flavor.   The warps will be black, and the participant can choose their weft colors for each mug rug they weave.  I'm threading the M and W pattern on the looms, and each loom will have a different treadling pattern.
  Tina is teaching an Inkle Loom class in the afternoon.  The participants will learn how to thread the pattern and weave a band on the loom.  It should be a fun day!!!

  I made time this week to weave a little on John...I was feeling so guilty that the looms were being ignored with all the activity that's been going on.
  I'm using up some of the plain loopers with some colored ones.  I think this will work nicely in my bathroom!
  I may weave a corduroy rug with the remaining warp on the loom.  I have a long piece that I've had for awhile that needs to be used up, and the colors will work with the warp.
OK....let's brave the grocery store with everyone in town!
Happy Weaving!


Roxie said...

Dave in Boston calls it a "french toast alert." People rush out to get bread, eggs and milk - all the fixin's for french toast. Hope you survive the storm in good shape. The mug rugs are a great idea!

Bonnie said...

Never be without cat food. Cece is a good helper. I like that rug.