Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blowin' In The Wind!

First of all, I need to apologize.....I missed a lot of picture taking opportunities today.  There was SO MUCH going on, and I got busy doing other things.  But, here are some of the highlights:

Think Wizard of Oz.
Remember the scene of the house when it came down on the Witch of the East????

Does this look familiar???

Oh no....it's just Cindy under her loom!!!!

And through it all, Ms. Ila just kept on threading her scarf warp.  (I overheard her saying that she found an error last week....uh-oh!)

Be sure to click on the picture and look at the rug that is wrapping around the beam....don't you just love that fabric?
Needless to say, Carl is hard at work on his latest rug!

Long Warps:  Love them or hate them?
Maggie was getting tired of weaving on the place mat warp, and decided she needed some excitement!
A little time spent with the tubes in the left-over bin, and she found a whole new color combination!
Click on the right hand picture to see it close up!!!!!

Tina corrected the boo-boo on the bread cloth warp, and Allan is getting the treadling straight in his mind before he gets started.

Then she got back to work on the long warp for Ellen's pattern placemats.

Yep....Kaylee is STILL rolling balls of strips of fabric!  (Carol has cut a LOT of these!)

Ann needed some additional strips for the rug she is working on, so Kaylee got a chance to see how we cut the strips.

And this is our crowning achievement for the day!!!!

We lit into the Annex and got everything out of the middle of the floor so that Allan can build the shelves down the center.  

We know we aren't finished yet, but we are on the right road!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

The annex just keeps looking better and better. We are going to love all our new found space around the looms!

Roxie said...

YOu folks are so purposeful and busy! I really admire you. And oh, what pretty, pretty things you are making. Love those new placemats.

Bonnie said...

The annex does look great. Room around the looms? That will be nice. Maggie, those colors look really great with that warp.

Anonymous said...

I missed Cindy's socks - how wonderful.

Poor Kaylee was afraid that she was going to have to ball up the strips I was making - I assured her that they were going straight onto my shuttles next week.

I have been making Rag balls all evening at home - I think it is way past time for my allergy meds.

Carol - what do you think of that empty floor?


Tina J said...

I wish they could have seen all that stuff in the middle of the room. We just didn't think of it! Once we got started there was no stopping to get a camera!