Friday, February 24, 2012

Hit the Reset Button!

It has been quite some time since I was upstairs in the studio.  It may have been a month, I know for sure it has been 3 weeks since I set foot to treadle.  When it has been that long it takes me a little while to get back to where I was creatively, in the various projects that are in progress.  As I was going up the stairs I decided to just do the first thing that blocked my path, and see where that led.

The first thing I saw was the carpet warp I had ordered with the other Tuesday Weavers.  I took those bags in hand and put them with the other carpet warp in the studio. ( I had to squeezed my way across the room to get to that shelf.)   Once that was done, I noticed that there were place-mats that  I hadn't serged yet.  I plugged in the serger and did that job.

Once the serging was done, I stacked them up, with the Waffle Weave towels and put them aside, to be hemmed later.  I then noticed some black and white fabric strips on the floor from my training session with the  rag cutting machine .  I gathered it up, and put some of the wider strips through the frazer cutter, to get the width I was looking for.

I say, a picture or two is worth a thousand words.  In the room across the landing I have a rug loom just waiting for some weft.  I loaded up a couple of shuttles and played with the black and white strips for 6 to 8 inches, just enough to be satisfied that this would really look good.

While I was doing all of the above, I was contemplating my real reason for being up there, and with all that success under my belt, I was able to tackle the white towel warp that was waiting for me.  I had finally decided to go ahead, without further sampling and re-sley to 20 ends per inch.  I then wove a sample, I made a slight treadling error, but it is just a sample.  I placed the two samples side by side, and I am really pleased that I made the change. The table element in the pattern is much squarer in the new sample, and  I think I will have a much better towel fabric with this new sett too!

That, my friends, is how I hit the reset button.   I work on what I know, those mindless tasks, while thinking about the problems I am facing on the more challenging projects.   Now if I  can just get my feet and hands to work together on this treadling pattern, it is a challenge as well!  I may even use the pattern motive only on each end of the first couple of towels, and twill for the middle section.  That may be really lovely, I will be sure to post pictures, possible this week on my farmstead studio blog.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

It must be in the water!!!! Sometimes I feel just a little overwhelmed at all the projects in progress, so it just seems practical to work on what you stumble over first!!!!

Maggie said...

Tina, your posts make me feel so... inactive! I really like the rug. It looks like an old-time computer print out.

Bonnie said...

I like the placemats The black and white stripes are going to look great in the rug. You got a lot done.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Wow.... what a productive time, I'm worn out just reading about all that you got done. Love the black and white rug!!!!