Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What A LOVEly Day!!!

  It was a typical February day outside (cold & gray) but inside the Center, it is always warm and welcoming!

  Lanny and Bonnie were deep in conversation over Bonnie's choice of wool colors for her project at home.  LOVE those colors on the card!!!!

   Pat was back with us today, and she jumped in on several projects that were going on.  First of all, she helped Ms. Beatrice with her warp on the table loom. 
  She also shared the LOVE of weaving with Ms. Beatrice's grandson....straw weaving is a great way to start!
  Ms. Ila is threading her lace scarves on the Pup.

  Maggie came all decked out in her outfit for this special day!  Her heart vest was knit a few years back, but you'll recognize her bamboo scarf from her blog post.  Maggie also made her blouse and jacket....don't you just LOVE it?????

   Andy is making great progress on her shawl warp.  She's threading and tying on....it won't be long now!  Those shawls will be LOVEly!

  You can get a sneak peek at Bonnie's towels over on her loom!

  Carl is making swift progress on the rugs on the barn loom.  I wish you could see the rug as it goes on the cloth beam....I'll try to get a shot of it next week for the blog.  I am in LOVE with that fabric with that warp!!!!  Wonder if there's enough to do a whole rug?????

  Ann was hoping I would get a good picture of her today....she won't even look at the camera!  But, that old loom is a LOVE to weave on!

  Welcome to the new Center Intern, Kaylee.  See that LOVEly mess in her lap????  That's the strips that Pat cut last week for place mats, and it got into a big ole tangle!  Kaylee is working hard to wind it into a ball so that it will be easier to wind on the shuttle.  (I sure hope we didn't scare her away!!!)

  But, it wasn't all work for Kaylee....she got a quick weaving lesson from Maggie, and got to throw the shuttle on the placemats.  Oh, that's what you do with those strips of fabric!!!!

  She'll LOVE weaving!!!

Notice the aisle ?  You can actually walk through there now!!!!  Pat went through several of the boxes of fabric, and sorted them into plastic tubs for the Annex.
  Ann and I made several trips out to the Annex to put the tubs on the new shelves that Allen has finished!

  Please note the bottom tub:  this is fabric for Maggie's amazing shag rugs.  (Actually, it's polyester!)  But, Maggie swears they make LOVEly shag rugs.  And, she promises to give us all lessons!!!!

Have a LOVEly evening, and,
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Another wonderful glimpse into the Center. Just how many looms have you guys got there? Congrats on the new intern and Maggie's vest, jacket and blouse...AWESOME!

LA said...

We have 13 floor looms, and numerous table looms that are used for teaching. We're getting ready to bring back the 12 harness, 60 inch wide loom, which is another reason that the "stash" needs to find a home in the Annex!!!!

Amanda Cutler said...

I love the weekly updates!

Bonnie said...

When we get it arranged and all the extra stuff stashed away in the Annex, we should have a bit more room for the looms and the weavers. Yeah!