Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Change of Plans

 I missed being at the Center yesterday because I had to inventory all the food in the Barn kitchen at work.  A boring but necessary job, so I sacrificed my favorite day of the week to get it done.  Today, I was to have dug up the plants at Mom's to move to my house, since she's moving back to Virginia, but with tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm alerts, I thought it might be nicer to stay inside.  It's still pretty blustery out there, but I'm warm and toasty with my sewing machine and my furry entourage, jazz on the radio and a frosty adult beverage by the computer.
  I began the day--sans frosty beverage--working on the two-tiered skirt I've been avoiding for weeks now.  I really feel I can't start anything new until I've gotten this skirt done.  I'm closer, but it still lacks its waist facing and zipper.  It's so soft and drapey, with its China silk lining.
  A woman came by the Center week before last and dropped off a bunch of sewing patterns from the '50's and '60's, and we all went through them.  They were so cute!  What blew me away is that they were mostly size 14's, with bust size of 32!  Now, a 14 has a bust measurement of 36!  How we have changed!  I still took three of them home, hoping to size them upwards to fit me, tracing around them on pattern paper.  Way up...
  My favorite is the blouse with the sleeve incorporated into the body.  The pattern pieces look tiny, but it's a good place to start.  The collar is also part of the body!  Very interesting!
  I have a couple of things cut out that will come next, but I just got a new Vogue pattern I'm excited about, especially since I realized the front and back center pieces would look fantastic in the "shawl" piece from the baby blanket warp.  Remember, I cut it off without finishing it because of all the problems I was having with the warp.  Today, I washed and dried it, and will find the right white fabric to make the rest of the blouse.  I think it'll be pretty!
I wove a little this week on the curtains, but am having problems getting a clean shed.  I think my tie-up strings are different lengths and are causing the problem.  I shifted some around and it helped a bit, but I really wasn't in the mood to weave today!
  I must tell you that I got my Dick Blick shipment last week of dyeing supplies!  When I saw how little dye came in their "bargain" bottles of dye, I realized why they were such a good price!  2/3 of an ounce!  So, I bought full size bottles--for the same price!-- from Dharma trading, and now I just lack safety gear to start dyeing at home.  I started winding a warp, but it'll probably be a couple of weeks before I start dyeing.   And then the weather needs to cooperate!
  Stay warm and dry!  It's really blowing out there!  And of course, Happy weaving!  --Maggie


LA said...

I just love vintage patterns! They are a glimpse into the past, and you can see some cool techniques. I picked out a few, too. Enjoy your evening!

Roxie said...

The furry entourage makes the sewing so much more pleasant. I'm currently typing with a purring ball of fur on my lap. This one rarely cuddles, so I'll enjoy it while I can.

Handwoven fabric in the center panel of that blouse will be stunning! And your two tier skirt is so fetching. It only take a long time because you are doing it right. You could just slap it together any old way and be done in no time. Of course, it would have that, "Made with loving hands at home" look like most of my stuff. You always turn out a truly professional product, so naturally the skirt will take time. It's worth it.

Bonnie said...

I like that blouse pattern. That will look great on you. What a great looking skirt. Missed talking with you on Tuesday. Seems like you were needed elsewhere.